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Sublime Prestidigitator [Metamagic][edit]

You thought you were ready merely by mastering the basics?

The arcane spellcaster has gone beyond mere mastery of using prestidigitations to bolster other spells.

Prerequisites: Parlour Tricks, Master Prestidigitator

Benefit: The caster of a spell may use their knowledge of prestidigitations to bolster other spells by adding either a +2 to the damage of a spell or a +1 to the save DC of a spell of no more than fourth level. The damage choice stacks with Master Prestidigitator, however the Spell Save DC choice does not. By bolstering a spell in this way the caster makes it more difficult to identify the spell as it is being cast. This adds +1 to the Spellcraft check and this stacks with the bonus given by Parlour Tricks and Master Prestidigitator.

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