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...And even if I remembered what it was like, I wouldn't tell you!
—Ancient quickblade, speaking to a crysaeli historian.


The relics, as they are known by the inhabitants of the Silver Lands, are all that is left (besides some ruins and other artifacts) of a lost civilization that fell millenniums ago. These mechanical wonders, built with a mixture of ancient magic and technology, range from simple to complex, from ordered and calm to a bit... well, insane.

About the Relics[edit]

Relics are basically constructs, and in a Silver Lands campaign setting, you should probably not allow characters to build constructs of their own. However, some relics may be playable.

Usable Constructs[edit]

following is a list of constructs you can easily use as relics, as well as ones not to use.


  • Iron Golem
  • Stone Golem (rare)

Do Not Use:

  • Flesh Golem
  • Clay Golem
  • Most Other Golems
  • Inevitable

New Relics[edit]

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