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Arcane Binding (3.5e Incantation) +A powerfull incantation, made to seal an enemy's magic permanently, by separating them from the weave.  +
Arch-Golem Execution Girlfriend (3.5e Prestige Class) +Obsessive and clingy robotic death machine  +
Armory Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) +A domain that enables the cleric to make his or her own weapons on the spot.  +
Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo! (3.5e Incantation) +The magic words of the Fairy Godmother behold surprising powers.  +
Bibliolalia (3.5e Incantation) +The bibliolalia incantation puts you in an oracular trance as you pore through books in a library.  +
Blade Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) +A domain of swords and axes.  +
Book of Gears (3.5e Sourcebook)/Mechanics with Class +A class which builds fantastical steam-powered and clockwork devices and employs them to do amazing things.  +, Super-crafter and tank extraordinaire.  +
Caduceus (3.5e Incantation) +Caduceus enables you to channel magic into a creature to wipe away injury and afflictions.  +
Create Golem (3.5e Incantation) +This incantation fuses an elemental spirit with a patchwork collection of body parts knitted into a single bipedal form.  +
Deep Slumber (3.5e Incantation) +Restore cursed lands, plunges a wide area into a magical, restorative slumber by invoking the Night and Isa, the rune of Winter and Stagnation.  +
Elemental Creature (3.5e Template) +They appear superficially similar in shape to material plane creatures, but actually are made of the elements, formed into the shape of a creature and with the ability to move.  +
Fayvien (3.5e Deity) +Once a mortal wanderer, the Blind Bard looks over any and all who would give the gift of music to the world.  +
Firbolgs (3.5e Race) +The frozen tundras of the North are called home by many tribes of large, but still human, barbarians. These tribesmen are often mistaken for and commonly attribute their heritage to the Firbolgs.  +
Gadgeteer (3.5e Class) +A class which builds fantastical steam-powered and clockwork devices and employs them to do amazing things.  +
Golem-Knight of Mechanus (3.5e Prestige Class) +Super-crafter and tank extraordinaire.  +
Gray Monk (3.5e Class) +Life is disparity. Life and death, light and dark, good and evil. The Gray Monk rejects these, and embraces the peaceful gray existance.  +
Greater Dispel Magic (3.5e Incantation) +As the dispel magic spell  +
Headless One (3.5e Template) +They appear near-identical in shape to living beings, but their true nature can be easily gleaned from their lack of a head. Black smoke rises from their neck's stump.  +
Immortuos (3.5e Race) +Immortuos are hunters of the night akin to their vampire spawn and vampire lordkin.  +
Leomund's Magnificent Mansion (3.5e Incantation) +Using this incantation, you summon a large mansion. Fully decorated and ready for use.  +
Mana Alchemist (3.5e Class) +A master of awakening the mana in alchemical substances to create incredible magic effects. More of a drug dealer, really.  +
Monster Tamer (3.5e Class) +A person who captures monsters in spheres and chooses them to fight. Really, it's just a Pokemaster with the serial numbers filed off.  +
Mystic Veil (3.5e Incantation) +This incantation combines several elements to create a powerful protection from scrying and direct observation.  +
Quartz Compulsion (3.5e Incantation) +The quartz compulsion incantation lets you telepathically contact the subject by gazing through a quartz shard, regardless of where the subject is located.  +
Robot Girl (3.5e Race) +''Chiu...''  +
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