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Arcane Binding (3.5e Incantation) +A powerfull incantation, made to seal an enemy's magic permanently, by separating them from the weave.  +
Arch-Golem Execution Girlfriend (3.5e Prestige Class) +Obsessive and clingy robotic death machine  +
Armory Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) +A domain that enables the cleric to make his or her own weapons on the spot.  +


Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo! (3.5e Incantation) +The magic words of the Fairy Godmother behold surprising powers.  +
Bibliolalia (3.5e Incantation) +The bibliolalia incantation puts you in an oracular trance as you pore through books in a library.  +
Blade Domain (3.5e Cleric Domain) +A domain of swords and axes.  +
Book of Gears (3.5e Sourcebook)/Mechanics with Class +A class which builds fantastical steam-powered and clockwork devices and employs them to do amazing things.  +, Super-crafter and tank extraordinaire.  +


Caduceus (3.5e Incantation) +Caduceus enables you to channel magic into a creature to wipe away injury and afflictions.  +
Create Golem (3.5e Incantation) +This incantation fuses an elemental spirit with a patchwork collection of body parts knitted into a single bipedal form.  +


Deep Slumber (3.5e Incantation) +Restore cursed lands, plunges a wide area into a magical, restorative slumber by invoking the Night and Isa, the rune of Winter and Stagnation.  +


Elemental Creature (3.5e Template) +They appear superficially similar in shape to material plane animals, but actually are made of the elements, formed into the shape of a creature and with the ability to move.  +


Gadgeteer (3.5e Class) +A class which builds fantastical steam-powered and clockwork devices and employs them to do amazing things.  +
Golem-Knight of Mechanus (3.5e Prestige Class) +Super-crafter and tank extraordinaire.  +
Greater Dispel Magic (3.5e Incantation) +As the dispel magic spell  +


Headless One (3.5e Template) +They appear near-identical in shape to living beings, but their true nature can be easily gleaned from their lack of a head. Black smoke rises from their neck's stump.  +


Leomund's Magnificent Mansion (3.5e Incantation) +Using this incantation, you summon a large mansion. Fully decorated and ready for use.  +


Mana Alchemist (3.5e Class) +A master of awakening the mana in alchemical substances to create incredible magic effects. More of a drug dealer, really.  +
Monster Tamer (3.5e Class) +A person who captures monsters in spheres and chooses them to fight. Really, it's just a Pokemaster with the serial numbers filed off.  +
Mystic Veil (3.5e Incantation) +This incantation combines several elements to create a powerful protection from scrying and direct observation.  +


Quartz Compulsion (3.5e Incantation) +The quartz compulsion incantation lets you telepathically contact the subject by gazing through a quartz shard, regardless of where the subject is located.  +


Robot Girl (3.5e Race) +''Chiu...''  +


Soul Guardian (3.5e Class) + The Soul Guardian Class allows the player to have an extremely powerful supernatural pet, the pet is the soul of a deceased loved one whose love was so strong it retained a physical form to protect you  +
Stranger With The Flowing Eyes (3.5e Prestige Class) +Living a symbiotic existence, the Stranger occupies bodies of others in a noble form of immortality.  +


Transmuter (3.5e Class) +This class creates things on the fly and has much more ranged combat capabilities than a regular Alchemist. It can be a very good utility character.  +
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