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Effective Level:
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Skill Check: Knowledge(Arcane)DC33, 6 Successes.
Failure: Two consecutive failed skill checks
Components: V, S, F, XP
Casting Time: 60 minutes (minimum)
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

The bibliolalia incantation puts you in an oracular trance as you pore through books in a library.

At the incantation’s conclusion, you uncover lore about an important person, place, or thing beyond the limits of mundane research.

The information gleaned through a bibliolalia incantation isn’t necessarily known to anyone, and it may not be in any of the books in the library. Nonetheless, something within the books triggers the burst of magical inspiration that reveals the information.

No set of rules can adequately describe how much information the bibliolalia incantation provides. If you have the item or person at hand, you’ll learn more than if you just have a name or a cryptic clue.

Focus: A large library (Costing at least 8,000 gp).

XP Cost: 200XP

Failure: Falsehood. The bibliolalia incantation reveals information that seems accurate, but is actively misleading.

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