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Aiton Amazons (3.5e Race) +The last of a long fallen culture, dominated by women.  +
Aroghin (3.5e Race) +Tall, Grey skin. Stoic. Cursed. Emotionally in control. Powerful, but with drawbacks.  +


Candothists (3.5e Race) +Incarnated through unnatural means, they are haunted by their past.  +


Daemons (3.5e Race) +Polymorphs native to the Astral plane.  +
Deeka (3.5e Race) +Tall and civil humanoids with white skin. Highly motivated, headstrong and dedicated.  +
Durzites (3.5e Race) +Crafty underground dwellers. Careful and precise. Spiny heads. Gaunt faces.  +


Malaquians (3.5e Race) +Tall, marine dwelling, relaxed, colorfully skinned, minor telepaths..  +


Quicklings (3.5e Race) +Quick striking darters that catch their opponents by surprise.  +


Trolls, Northern Forest (3.5e Race) +A savage race from the cold forests of the north.  +


Wee'diox (3.5e Race) +Wee'diox have a passion for knowledge surpasses even aboleths and mind flayers, and therefore are very intelligent.  +
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