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A Mauler

PL 7 Covenant Empire
Superheated Shotgun Rounds
A Jiralhanae sidearm used by the Infantry and Security forces of the Covenant Loyalists.
Handgun, light weapon
(Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 3d8 Magazine 5 box
Critical 20/x2 Size Medium
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 7 lbs.
Range Increment 5 ft. Purchase DC 25
Rate of Fire S Restriction Mil (+3)


The Mauler is a single-handed shotgun. 5 shells weigh 1 lb, and the magazine weighs 1 lb.

The Maulder can alternatively be used as a Close Quarters weapon at a -4 penalty for 1d6 damage with half strength modifier. Taking the Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Brute Weapons) negates this penalty.

See this pagefor background information.

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