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Lothadian Empire[edit]

The Lothadian Empire is both the hero and the villain of Renar, depending on who is telling the story. Though they can be misguided, their leaders believe strongly in the power of divine virtue and absolute truths.


Beginning with what would best be described as barbarian clans, the Lothadian Empire has a remarkably short history considering its current power in Renar. The barbarian tribes meddled with magic somewhat, but noticed the taint it left on the land because their farmlands began to develop Drainrock. Their slow development as an early empire is most likely because they feared magic.

Eventually, the tribes became more organized, and they shared great halls made of stone with lords and thanes. Lords would provide leadership and gifts to thanes, and the thanes would provide martial servitude to their lords. Their culture heavily revolved around bonds between people, and consequently their art, song, and dance all reflected these morals. The gods smiled upon the Lothadians and taught them secrets; in return, the Lothadians treated themselves as thanes to the gods.

One year, after several years of good harvest and merriment, the Thestlian Mageocracy sent a small army into Lothada to conquer the Lothadians. The Thestlians wrought great plight upon the Lothadians and captured their lands. The gods were angered by this and spoke to the clerics of Lothada through many signs. Boccob, upset with both the abuse of magic by the Thestlians and their self proclaimed godhood, granted arcane magical abilities to the Lothadian clerics. The Lothadians, using their arcane and divine magics formed a resistance against the Thestlians and eventually drove them away.

The divine law was formed to rule over Lothada after the defeat of the Thestlians.

During the reign of Vecna in the Thestlian Mageocracy, the Lothadians took a stand against the Thestlians again. Outnumbered by legions of undead, powerful spellcasters, and large armies, they knew they barely stood a chance. This was the point in history when the Lothadians truly understood their own divine law. It is perhaps because of this action on their part that the Silver Dragon Bouyoth vowed to protect the noble Lothadians so long as he lived. He brought forth several of his children and helped drive back the Thestlians and Vecna.

After the collapse of Vecna, and later the weakening of the Thestlians in Sapparizan, the Lothadians, under the rule of Emperor Paxto, began a military crusade to bring the whole world under the divine law. To date they have managed to conquer most of Renar and the whole of Sapparizan...


The leader of Lothada is an emperor, much like their lords in their society before, but each region is ruled by a lord who owns the land, a priest with a patron diety, and a chancellor appointed by the people. Each year, all of the leaders gather to refine the divine law.

The Divine Law[edit]

The divine law is very simple in concept, but it has taken years of debate to decide on what each rule should be. The idea is: do what is right. It is such a simple concept, but very difficult to write into law. Though the Lothadians try, they know that they will never achieve the true divine law, but instead will have to wait until they meet the afterlife to live under a perfect law.

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I have seen the weakness in the arcane magic I was birthed with. I now come back to to claim what I deserve with divine zealotry. No man can stop the virtue vested in me by the Dragon Queen herself. By the green head of Tiamat I will command Sapparizan once again!
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