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Drainrock is a type of stone that spellcasters despise. It is obsidian black to the point that very little light will reflect from it. It almost seems to draw light in towards it. It cracks very easily much like slate, but weighs almost twice as much.


Drainrock is often found in caverns, especially in areas where arcane weather control has been employed. Sometimes Drainrock can be found scattered throughout fields or as large stones scattering a mountainside.

Generally, scholars agree that Drainrock is the product of arcane magics infusing themselves in normal stone. Magical weather control spells such as Control Weather over time will create areas of Drainrock. Certain areas of Renar have fields of Drainrock where there used to be farms because the mage lords in the area used magic to produce perfect growing seasons.


Small stones of Drainrock have no major effects. A stone of at least 50lbs starts having effects on nearby spellcasters. A Drainrock stone has more influence the heavier it is. The following list is what are called the "Four Influences of Drainrock":

  • Drainrock Dampening: All spells cast in 5ft./50lbs are cast at -1 caster level.
  • Drainrock Absorption: All spells that have their area of effect hit Drainrock or are within 5ft. of Drainrock give the Drainrock a number of stored spell levels equal to the spell level of the spell that was cast.
  • Drainrock Draining: All active spell effects within 5ft./50lbs lose half their duration (which may end the spell) immediately when they enter the area. The Drainrock gains half the level of the spell effect in stored spell levels.
  • Drainrock Genesis: When Drainrock has a number of stored spell levels greater than or equal to its weight/50lbs, it immediately loses its stored spell levels and turns an area of adjacent earth, sand, or stone into 50lbs of Drainrock (thus increasing the size of the stone). If there are more stored spell levels than its weight/50lbs, it also suddenly creates a monster of CR equal to the number of excess spell levels.


Drainrock has had many implications on society, promoting more "environmentally friendly" productions that do not use arcane magics. There are also theories of the orgins of some creatures being directly involved with the Drainrock Genesis. It is a well known fact, however, that many caverns exist that have many monsters as a result of Drainrock.

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