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The table below details the various items available in halo:

Table: Items

Item Purchase DC1 Restriction Weight
Deployable Cover 30 Mil +3 5lbs.
Bubble Shield 35 Mil +3 5lbs.
Grav Lift 35 Mil +3 5lbs.
Energy Mortar  ?  ?  ?
Power Drain 35 Mil +3 5lbs.
Regenerator 40 Mil +3 5lbs.
Flare 20 Mil +3 5lbs.
Radar Jammer 35 Mil +3 5lbs.
Trip Mine 40 Mil +3 5lbs.
Cloaking 45 Mil +3 5lbs.
Invincibility 50 Mil +3 5lbs.
Auto Turret 40 Mil +3 10lbs.
Overshield 40 Mil +3
Anti-Gravity Pack 40 Mil +3 40lbs.
Active Camoflage 40 Mil +3 10lbs.
Motion Tracker 30 Mil +3 5lbs.
  1. The values given are for humans. These may be different for members of the Covenant.

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