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Gravity Hammer

A Gravity Hammer

PL 7 Covenant Empire
Gravity Shockwave/Blunt Melee Strike
The Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer aka Gravity Hammer, is a powerful, close-quarters, two-handed melee weapon used by Jiralhanae in the covenant empire.
Close Combat Weapon
(Exotic Weapon Proficiency)

Damage 3d10 Magazine 100% Charge
Critical 20/x4 Size Large
Damage Type Bludgeoning, Energy Weight 55 lb.
Range Increment Purchase DC 45
Rate of Fire Restriction Mil (+3)

Gravity Hammer[edit]

A Gravity Hammer is a crude, but brutal melee weapon used by Brute Chieftains. When used, it hits all within 5ft of the target of the attack, with the exception of the user. However, if the strike is a critical hit, the extra damage is not applied to the area of effect damage. The Gravity Hammer has a limited charge - striking a blow uses 8% of of its original charge. The Hammer can be used as a large improvised melee weapon, using no charge. At his option, the GM can give all Energy Swords and Gravity Hammers unlimited charge- this allows them to become iconic weapons for the player characters. Otherwise, a Gravity Hammer cannot be reloaded or recharged.

At the wielder's option, the gravity hammer may be treated as an archaic weapon rather than an exotic weapon for prerequisite and ability purposes.

See this page for background information.

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