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Fallen Angel[edit]

An angel banished to the infernal realms.

A Fallen Angel is an angel that has been banished and is now no longer an angel.

Creating a Fallen Angel[edit]

Base creature must be Angel. Must swear to worship a deity that is chaotic, or evil, or both, but never good.

Size and Type[edit]

Gains Fallen Angel subtype. Retains size of base creature.

Special Attacks[edit]

Additional 3d6 of Dark damage with held weapons.

Special Qualities[edit]

Resistance Fire 10, Detect Good, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Smite Good, Fast Healing 5, Telepathy, Mindsight, Mindlink, Mindreading, Thoughtscouring, Natural Armor +3, Strength +8, Dexterity +6, Constitution +3, Intelligence +6, Wisdom +3, Charisma +6, Immunity to Light, Knowledge (History, Religion, and Planes) +10, Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +10, Sense Motive +10, Being Extraplanar a Fallen Angel has a 50% chance to resist Time Stops.


The fallen angel does not gain or lose any feats, but they might lose access to the effects of a feat (such as an exalted feat) or it might function in a different way because of a change in the trait or ability it affects (such as extra turning giving the fallen angel extra rebuking, rather than turning).


Any plane matching their alignment.


Fallen angels may have deliberately left their native plane so they would be free to abandon serving good, or they might have been driven out after they turned from good. They may be solo, or have joined another group of neutral or evil beings.

Challenge Rating[edit]

As base creature.


Any Non-Good.


As base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]


[most dms's would probably want at least a +2 for what you get]

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