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How Could I Implement a Class Based on Momentum?[edit]

Summerscythe 15:50, 7 May 2008 (MDT)[edit]

I've been working on a class for my campaign. It is more or less a warrior that has mastered the use of momentum and physics in combat, I've been coming along pretty well, but i got stuck. Does anyone have any good ideas for special abilities and stuff that utilize movement, physics and momentum?

Summerscythe 14:21, 25 May 2008 (MDT)[edit]

So heres what i have so far:

  1. Usually when i say momentum, people automatically go with the juggernaut, this class is not the juggernaut.
  2. He's kinda like the lancer from final fantasy, with a jump ability that deals more damage the higher he falls from. the one flaw with that class that i thought of was that in a dungeon with a low ceiling you cant jump, so you couldn't make the class just based on jumping.
  3. I've made him pruficient with a lot of weapons with a heavy blunt head, so maces and morning stars and such that work of momentum to deal damage. What I'm trying to do now is figure out some close range momentum abilities for in dungeon and low ceiling fights when he couldn't jump. I'm about halfway done with the class, Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Sam Kay 14:31, 25 May 2008 (MDT)[edit]

Make him charge headlong at the enemy with no care for own safety and keep on charging, pushing the enemy back by sheer force?

Eiji 18:35, 3 July 2008 (MDT)[edit]

Take a look at the Dungeoncrasher variant of Fighter in Dungeonscape. Its all about crashing into walls (a similar system is set up on the Raging Crasher PrC on this site). And tricky thing is, the floor can count as the ground if you jump and slam on your enemy that way.

Mind you the damage is fixed there (4d6+Strx2 and then 8d6+Strx3) but as you can see, for someone very strong those numbers are very very big. You might also be inspired by the concept of Skirmish damage, which forces you to move... 10 ft I believe for some sneak-attack like damage? You can capitalize on it by saying "you do 1d6 per 10 ft moved, max 20d6 at 200 ft" which could be a charge, or a fall. And of course regulate how high your damage cap is by level so you can't get 20d6 on your first level, just 1d6. 20d6 + Weapon Damage on a single charge attack sounds fine to me. Slap on some slow fall/immune to fall damage in there, class level to jump checks, and some flavor, and you got yourself a Dragoon.

Dang, why haven't I made this class yet? :P

Mecca Vi Arandez 12:41, 19 October 2008 (MDT)[edit]

Have you considered letting him grapple and slam the enemy as well?

GaaaaaH 22:59, 21 October 2008 (MDT)[edit]

What about adding bonuses to charge and bullrush attempts that scale up with class progression?

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