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Daidoji Guard Armor
Price: 48,425 gp
Body Slot: Body
Caster Level: 10th
Aura: Moderate Transmutation; DC 20
Activation: Use Activated
Weight: 15 lb.

Only those the Doji see worthy can wear this masterful armor. This is why they are called 'Iron Crane'.

This +4 silver chain shirt is crafted for high speed combat. The armor gives its wearer a maximum Dexterity bonus of +8. This part also allows for the attachment of its dastana* (bracers) to allow more defense (+1 AC) without sacrificing the user's speed. In fact the armor gives the user the quickness ability, granting the wearer +5' to speed. It is considered light armor, weighs 15 pounds, and has a 15% chance of spell failure.

*Note: Dastana is from the Oriental Adventures sourcebook.

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