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I ride with the Club. The club rides with me.
—Harry "Opie" Winston, Enforcer - Redwood Original
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Charming is the main city and setting of Sons of Anarchy. It is where the main club, the Redwood Original, operate out of and where they have their Clubhouse.

History of Charming[edit]

HistoryEdit Behind3

After the California Gold Rush (1848-1855) brought an influx of population to the region. Lumber, as well as agriculture, became prominent industries in the area. In 1859, these pioneer settlers decided to establish a town where the ample Redwood country meets the fertile Central Valley.

The town was originally named Timberville, but when two railroad land surveyors stopped in the town, one proclaimed it the last "charming" place for a railroad station before the very large, flat central valley. The other declared he'd just name it as such.

After the great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the town saw a small influx of settlers who left the bay area in search of a simpler, more stable life. In the post World War II baby boom, housing developers began to purchase several farmsteads and develop then with roads, utilities, and housing. Once rural orchards and ranches, soon became picturesque middle-class neighborhoods and communities. Some of these neighborhoods include Crestwood, Sellwood, Eastburough, and Buckhead (known today as Sam Crow's Corner).

Today, one of the most unique qualities of Charming is that it's maintained a classic Americana look and structure.

Government of Charming[edit]

Gangs of Charming[edit]

Sons of Anarchy
The Sons are Charming's rebels on wheels. They may not obey the law, but they usually stick to a moral line.
The Nordics
Known colloquially as The Nords, these are the white skinhead extreme racist who peddle drugs around the town.
The Mayans
Charming's other M/C, this charter of the Oakland Mayans recently intruded on Sons turf

Charming Locations[edit]

Teller-Morrow Autobody
Located adjacent to the Clubhouse and owned by Redwood Original President Clay, this serves as the Sons legal front.
The Clubhouse is for Sons of Anarchy members, friends, invited guests, and women. Its where they meet to conduct business, relax, and socialize.

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