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I don't care who we have to smoke or grease, I want those Guns.
Clarence "Clay" Morrow, President - Redwood Original
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The Charming Charter meets at a clubhouse located next to their front (Teller-Morrow Auto Body) and do most of their business, as well as recreation, at the place. Below is a description, room to room, from the entrance of the building.


The front door leads into a small foyer where members can store helmets and other riding paraphernalia. This is where non-members will be granted entrance or not.

Main Hall[edit]

The foyer leads into the main area. Here lies the always stocked bar, usually manned by a Prospect, two pool tables, couches and seats around a large television, and a small stage equipped with lights and a stripper pole. The walls are adorned with mugshots from members and club paraphernalia from different points in the club's history.

Meeting Room[edit]

Members around the Meeting Room table.

A double wooden door leads from the main hall into the meeting room. Unless specifically invited, only full patch members are allowed into the room. All electronic gear is removed before entering. Members sit around a large wooden table engraved with the club's reaper logo and discuss business matters (usually of the more illegal and illicit club affairs).


A large co-ed bathing room, equipped with a multi-person shower and four stalls can be reached via the main hall. The restroom is routinely cleaned by prospects and sees more non-bathing affairs in its shower than actual use.

Hall of History[edit]

Leading off of the Main Hall and further into the Clubhouse is the Hall of History. Everything from news clippings, births, funerals, rides, and other member-centric material adorns the wall. A few late-model motorcycles are on display, all of which belonged to now-deceased club members.

Clubhouse Office[edit]

The clubhouse itself needs a bit of management. From basic utility bills to bar upkeep costs, a Prospect usually runs the numbers and keeps the Club treasurer informed. The computer located here can be used to assist members in tracking individuals down as well.

Holding Cell[edit]

Appearing as a normal room, once inside a character learns that the door is locked and the room is barren. No windows are available. This room is used by the club to hold individuals while they deliberate on what to do with them in the Meeting Room.


When living the life of a club member one may find himself homeless often, whether via extreme property damage by rival club mates or just running from the law. The four dorm rooms are modest but can keep members dry and warm in times of need.

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