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BR55 Battle Rifle

A BR55 Battle Rifle

PL 7 UNSC, Misriah Armory
9x40mm M634 X-HP-SAP
The BR55 Battle Rifle is a staple UNSC rifle, and is widely used.
(Personal Firearms Proficiency)

Damage 2d8 Magazine 36 box
Critical 19-20/x2 Size Large
Damage Type Ballistic Weight 8.3 lb.
Range Increment 70 ft. Purchase DC 18
Rate of Fire S, B Restriction Mil (+3)


The BR55 battle Rifle fires in either three-round bursts or in semiautomatic rates of fire. Since the BR55 is designed as a burst fire weapon, anyone without the feat can still use a three round burst, but takes the -4 penalty (as per the feat.). However, anyone that does have the feat is so proficient with bursting, that while using the BR55 they take no penalty at all for the burst. The M634 X-HP-SAP ammunition provides a +2 damage to a successful attack, and a +1 ranged attack against armored targets.

  • This weapon appears in HALO 2.

See this page for background information.

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