Aura of Darkness (Grim Alteration)

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[[3e Summary:: The grim may radiate an aura of darkness instead of light.]]

Aura of Darkness

The world around us grew darker. The sunlight streaming in through the windows dimmed as though the sun was fading, we tried to light a torch, but it too faded into nothingness.

Prerequisite: [[3e Prerequisite::Spot 10 ranks.]]
Description: While Transformed, the grim's lucent glow fades to darkness. His Aura of Unease suppresses light. Hide checks made within the radius of the Aura of Unease gain a +5 circumstance bonus. If the Hiding creature exits the Aura of Darkness, the bonus is lost. The grim or those with a true seeing effect ignore the Aura of Darkness.
Special: This feature of the grim's Aura of Unease can be suppressed at will.

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