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Apport Arrows [Psychic][edit]

You can teleport away incoming arrows, as well as crossbow bolts, spears, and other shot or thrown weapons.
Prerequisite: Wis 13, Apport skill 5 ranks, Psychoportation
Benefit: Once per round when you would normally be hit by a ranged weapon, you may make a Reflex saving throw against a DC of 20 (if the ranged weapon has an enhancement attack bonus, the DC increases by that amount). If you succeed, you reflexively apport the weapon away from you, causing it to miss. You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed. Attempting to apport an incoming weapon does not count as an action. You cannot apport spells or ranged weapons created by spells. You can apport particularly large ranged weapons, such as rocks hurled by catapults or giants, but the strain cost is increased by the object’s mass (see page 184).

Note: You must be able to see the incoming weapon in order to apport it, so invisible ranged weapons cannot be apported.

Strain: 1.

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