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The table below lists feats that require Barbarian Rage, Frenzy or a similar class ability.

(Epic Rage feats are not listed here yet.)

Barbarian / Rage Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Channeled Rage

Combat Fury You can attack with an incredible fury.

Cunning Rage You can focus your mind while in a rage.

Dwarven Heart Rage Your dwarven soul is stronger while in rage.

Epic Rage An increase to rage bonuses for Barbarians

Extra Rage Your rage is legendary and fearsome to behold.

Fiery Rage Your Rage burns particularly hot and can be sustained longer than usual

Gemini Rage Two souls are within you, like inner twins, and when you rage your two sides show.

Greater Heart of the Dragon 3e Prerequisite Feat::Heart of the Dragon (3.5e Feat) The blinding intensity of your rage may completely protect you from harm.

Greater Primeval Rage 3e Prerequisite Feat::Primeval Rage (3.5e Feat) You are incredibly vicious, ferocious and dangerous.

Heart of Defiance When in a blood frenzy you are impossible to control.

Heart of Fury Your all-consuming fury enables you to continue to fight even when near death.

Heart of Invulnerability Your raging heart protects you from harm.

Heart of the Dragon The blinding intensity of your rage protects you from harm.

Heart of the Hero When you rage, your heroic strength is heightened.

Improved Vigorous Rage 3e Prerequisite Feat::Vigorous Rage (3.5e Feat) You recover from wounds even faster when in rage.

Orc Feats (The Test of Time Supplement)

Primeval Rage

Quick Rage

Shifter Rage

SRD:Terrifying Rage

Terrifying Rage, Variant

Vigorous Rage
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