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Name Race Levels Description
Epa Brainbasher voidmind war troll sorcerer 1/abjurant champion 5/pale master 10/elemental savant 10/ranger 1/abolisher 1/master of many forms 10 Undisputed empress of an underkingdom of trolls, and hated foe of mind flayers.
Eykanos Drakulzen Human Wizard 30/Archmage 5—Fighter 2/Rogue 2/Cleric 1 Archmage who has lived more lives than most would want.
Infernal, Advanced (3.5e Creature)
Karura (3.5e Deity) Outsider Outsider 20/ Sandbender 30 Karura, also known as Mother of the Sands, and Goddess of the Burning Wastes is the daughter of Azul. She rules over the temperate and warm wastelands.
The Eternal Bard Human (Lich) Wizard 20/Undying Sovereign 20 Appearing as a teenaged male, the Eternal Bard wears a black jacket and grey pants. Upon his head is messy long blond hair. He has been known to wear a ankh around his neck.
Tzakarath Deity Wizard 50/Sorcerer 45 PLEASE EDIT AND ADD A DESCRIPTION
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