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Epic Feats: Epic feats are only available to characters of level 21 or higher, and represent talents of a near superhuman nature.

Feat Prerequisites Benefit
3.5e Epic Feats

Absolute Brilliance Improves your Cunning Brilliance to even higher levels.

Anoxia You bring back knowledge from beyond the grave.

Arcane Regeneration Allows you to recast spells under certain circumstances.

Armed Arrow Deflection You can deflect arrows with weapons that you are proficient with.

Aspect of the Hunting Spider Your charges are devastatingly fast.

Avatar of Compassion You have become an Avatar of Compassion. Healing spells naturally become fully powered, and your healing touch can reach to those normally out of reach.

Avatar of Honesty (3.5e Epic Feat) You have become a walking, breathing beacon for the truth. In your wake no lies can be spoken, and those before you hide nothing in the shadow of lies.

Avatar of Honor (3.5e Epic Feat) The ultimate act of honor is to defend one who cannot defend themselves. The character places themselves in the path of an attack, taking the attack in place of the intended target. The character may also be placed in a position to retaliate.

Avatar of Humility (3.5e Epic Feat) You can dodge spells with ease, and are even less affected by fire and cold.

Avatar of Justice (3.5e Epic Feat) You have become a beacon of justice on battle. Using your profound divide power you are able to punish those evil ones before you to new heights. Your justice also resounds in the area judging those around you.

Avatar of Sacrifice (3.5e Epic Feat) Through the sacrifice of your very own lifeblood you heal you companions, so that they may fight on through your own strength.

Avatar of Spirituality (3.5e Epic Feat) You may vanquish undead and evil by bursting holy damage to an even greater intensity.

Avatar of Valor (3.5e Epic Feat) You are essentially the manifestation of bravery, courage and altruism. Your attacks grow faster and your allies are inspired.

Bardic Harmony You can combine two types of bardic music to provide the benefits of both

Blindsight You get blindsight out to 60 ft. against every creature you pinpoint with a Listen check.

Blood Component

Burning Resolve "You've attacked me enough!"

Burning Soul Your soul burns with power, your personal magnetism, your raw power of will and burning ambition attracted the attention of the denizen of the eternal flames. You are now a manifestation of your inner fire.

Bypass Self-Immunity You can affect yourself with spells that you would normally be immune to.

Caustic Poison Your poison can damage creatures typically immune to poison.

Craft Epic Wand You can craft wands that exceed the normal limits for such items.

Curse of Cocytus 3e Prerequisite Feat::Frozen In Time (3.5e Feat) Your body has frozen to such an extent that it is impossible for disease-carrying organisms to survive in you or for all but the most virulent poisons to affect you.

Destructive Smite Your Smite attack has a chance to slay your foes.

Devil Buster 3e Prerequisite Feat::Devil Bringer (3.5e Feat), 3e Prerequisite Feat::Devil Snatch (3.5e Feat) Unleash The True Power Of The Devil Bringer.

Disciple of The Sunlit Lands Your strikes channel the heat and fury of the sand-filled realm, cutting into even those immune to flame.

Dweomercræft Some mages have come to a unique understanding of metamagical processes, rendering them capable of effortlessly altering their spells.

SRD:Enhance Spell

Enhance Spell, Variant

Epic Diehard Your resistance to death is unprecedented.

Epic Elite Training You manage to achieve more than even the gods thought possible.

Epic Imitating You achieve an epic amount of imitation slots

Epic Invoking Gain invocations.

Epic Multiclassing You have learned to synergize your class features.

Epic Potency Your blows are very powerful.

Epic Spell Parry Your spell parry attempts have a chance of automatically succeeding.

Epic Two-Weapon Defense When fighting with two weapons, your defenses are extremely strong.

Even the Guys Want Him Your character is so good-looking and unintentionally charming that he becomes a babe and stud magnet.

Evolution of the Species 3e Prerequisite Feat::Miracle-Gro (3.5e Feat) Since becoming a plant creature, you have learned to harness your ability to strengthen plants to such a degree that you can apply it to yourself.

Expanded Epic Spell Capacity Your vast intellect, wisdom or force of personality affords you greater command over the mightiest magic in the multiverse.

Extended Throw You make use of your strength when throwing weapons to make them travel farther and faster.

Extra Death Pact You have learned to harness the power of darkness to stave of death additional times per day.

Fire Penetration Your fire spell is more efficient then others.

Greater Efficient Item Craft Craft Even Faster

Greater Many Shot (3.5 Feat) You have learned to focus better while making a whirlwind attack.

Greater Whirlwind Attack You have learned to focus better while making a whirlwind attack.

Hero of The Shield Over Time and use with your shield you have grow accustomed to it and with so, you have learned to improved yourself

Hibernate You can place yourself in hibernation, effectively halting your bodily functions.

Holy Armor By worshiping a Deity of great power some of their Divine power seeps into you

Improved Accurate Assessment You can analyze almost everything about a creature in an instant.

Improved Anima Toughness 3e Prerequisite Feat::Anima Toughness (3.5e Feat) Beings without metabolism are raised or constructed with animating force. This force now can be used to toughen them beyond the durability of their basic undead or construct frames, increasing their hit points.

Improved Blood Frenzy (3.5e Epic Feat) The beyond ultimate in natural weapon attacks! You smell blood in the air... KILL!

SRD:Improved Death Attack 3e Prerequisite Feat::Death Attack (3.5e Feat) Assassinate your enemies with speed

Improved Efficient Item Craft Craft things faster

Improved Gigantic Weapon

Improved Inner Depths Of The Soul You have honed your inner reserve of power that allows you to reduce XP costs further.

Improved Mettle Training You are able to resist effects with even greater fortitude.

Improved Resolve Training You are able to resist effects with even greater willpower.

Improved Rose Whip Your rose whip has increased in power to devastating levels.

Improved Storm of Throws Your skill with thrown weapons allows you to make maximum use of their range when performing a storm of throws.

Incineration You are better attuned to fire spells.

Increased Critical - Epic

Intellectual Anatomy Using your advanced intelligence you know your own body beyond normal comprehension

Knowledge is Eveything

Large Two-weapon Fighting

Lasting Death Pact You have learned to harness the power of darkness to stave of death for an even longer period of time.

SRD:Legendary Climber

Legendary Prowess Your perception and skill in combat are the stuff of legend.

Magic Immunity Your even more like a golem than before, you are slowly becoming immune to magic.

Malifiecus Your dreams give glimpses into future events.

Master Undead Hunter You can channel an extreme amount of energy to deal extra damage against undead in melee combat.

Masterful Scroll Casting You can cast a spell from a scroll without causing the writing of the activated spell to disappear.


Oath of Iron Skin By taking an oath to the cosmos to take up a cause and follow it to the end

Oath of Unbreakable Devotion You take an oath to the Divine Energies and gain an aspect of a God.

Perfect Cleave Your blows power through the opposition.

Perfect Spellcaster Choose a spellcasting class that you have taken Practiced Spellcaster for. Your spells cast from that class are far more powerful.

Plastic Soul You can fit through the eye of a needle.

Prestige Flexibility Every time you take a level in a prestige class that levels a pre-existing class you may choose 1 class to gain special abilities from.

Protector You see a ally in danger of getting shot by a crossbow, as you concentrate you feel the impact of the bolt hit you instead of your friend.

Quicken Staff You can cast spells from a staff with a moment’s thought.

Quicken Wand You can cast spells from a wand with a moment’s thought.

Rancorous Sludge Your sludge bomb is unstoppably powerful.

Seal Soul Your seal fate class feature has become so strong that you can absorb even the soul of the creature.

Shadow Strike Your shadow can strike opponents.

Slice & Dice Your shukuchi is a technique to be feared by all, and you can increase its already devastating power with another attack to finish off the storm of metal.

Solid Grip Wield most 2-handed weapons in one hand

Star Child You were born under a shooting star.

Super Spell You can cast spells with extraordinary effect

Superior Cleave You use the momentum of the cleave to cover a greater distance.

Swarm of Bullets (3.5e Epic Feat) With lightning fast twitch aiming and trigger-finger you deftly fell all those in your sight.

Tensegrity You are a veritable beast of burden.

SRD:Terrifying Rage

Trail of Blood You're obsession with slaughter allows you continue the spilling of blood.

Truth of Magic You have learned to manipulate spells beyond their normal capacity, they are now bound by your power, not you theirs.

Ultimate Find the Weak Spot You are able to find the weak spot on non-living entity allowing you to critically damage it.

Ultimate Strike You can analyze almost everything about a creature in an instant.

Uncanny Deflection Your innate reflexes allow you to deflect ranged attacks before your senses would normally allow you to do so.

Unleash Spell

Weapon Abatement You miraculously avoid the first blow of any weapon.
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