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Xeijherron, even in the world of Jherracz, look like something from another planet. They vaguely resemble both parents, but an odd quirk in the blood of both coming together results in a number of recessive traits coming to bear. Some are oddly hued, or lack pigmentation altogether (Albinism), some have abnormal latticework in their skeletons where solid bone should be (B.B.D.) and some are even born with severe psychoses. Heretofore, there have been only thirty cases out of the six hundred Xeijherron that are usually alive at any one time that have had absolutely nothing wrong with them.

Personality: The Totems, as they are called, vary widely from individual cases. In fact, the very use of the word "cases" in this instance speaks volumes about how the Xei half of the parentage view a great deal of the unfortunate traits exhibited by their children. A healthy, functioning, well-rounded Xeijherron can behave like either parent race, or as an even mix, or even as an individual outside of the scope of either. But most Xeijherron are not healthy, functioning, or well-rounded. 75% of Xei (This is merely the rule for NPCs, a PC need not roll this statistic unless a DM absolutely requires it or they decide it would be a challenging roleplay avenue) suffer from one or more (Choose roll twice on a 1-2% roll) of the psychological disorders, most of which are detailed in terms of their affect on a character's statistics or interaction in the Unearthed Arcana. The UA entries listed there may be used as a guideline for making a table well-suited to the Xeijherron if a DM plans on having frequent appearances by Totem NPCs, or frequent appearances of a rapidly changing NPC or PC. Albinism or Brittle Bone Disease does not normally affect the overall Personality of a Xeijherron, but does influence how they interact with their environment.

Physical Description: The average Totem stands just as tall and strongly built as a Jherron, with an additional ten pounds to the weight rolled to account for the extra nine-or-so inches of length added to the arms and fingers. Their facial features can be reminiscent of both parents, but the Xeijherron race is more prone to recessive traits: slightly pointed ears, rounded or severely pointed curvature of the nose, excess wisdom teeth, elongation or incomplete fuses of the jawbone, reverse tilts of the eyes (Whereas the Jherron and Xei races have V-like orientations of the eyes, as most Oriental ethnic groups or Elven races, Xeijherron occasionally have a marked, or severe reversal of this, leading to the person looking like Jim Breuer, for lack of a better word) and in rare cases, vestigial extra fingers or toes, or even the uniform presence of an extra pair of knuckles on each finger.

Relations: See Jherron or Xei entries. Additionally, psychoses or physical appearance may affect the reactions of other races to the Totems.

Alignment: Due to the unstable nature of the Xeijherron blood, most Totems have a rather unhealthy bent towards Chaos, and due to their inherent Neutrality, they are as likely to express Goodness or Evil just as readily as they would shun both concepts.

Religion: See Jherron or Xei entries.

Language: Xeijherron, if they are able at all to speak clearly, speak Common, Kurron and Xei. Additionally, they tend to speak either other tribal languages, or one or more of the other Rukaean tongues. A Xeijherron whose mental disorders prevent them from speaking clearly, unless they have a specific disorder barring it, can still understand these languages, even if they cannot articulate them.

Names: See Jherron or Xei entries.

Adventures: Anything to get the Totem out of the house. Most Xeijherron are happy to keep moving, and dislike staying in one place for more than a week at a time. It appeals to the curiosity and wanderlust of their Xei halves while also appealing to the sense of forward-thinking that their Jherron blood brings to bear. Additionally, Xeijherron whose appearance is augmented by odd filaments in their physical structure or by disorders of paranoia might not find themselves readily accepted (or believe that they find themselves so) in most places. Additionally, the opportunity to stir up a little change (chaos) might be beneficial (harmful) to the stagnant (peaceful) culture of any given city.

Xeijherron Racial Traits

  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength. Sturdier than their Xei halves, but also less sociable, these inward-thinking men and women are often driven from physical pursuits, and so profound are their meditations that some mistake their faraway demeanor as another of their common psychoses.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, Xeijherron have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Xeijherron base land speed is 30 feet. (Six squares) Any Xeijherron with one or more psychoses may also choose to run with the aid of one or both arms, increasing their base speed to 40 feet (eight squares), and treating themselves as if having the run feat if all limbs are used, even if they do not possess it.
  • Optional Flaw (Albinism): A Xeijherron that takes this flaw (from character creation only) is granted a bonus feat of their choice, so long as it does not involve resistance to light or light-based damage. Treat Albinism as thought he player has Light Sensitivity in bright light, and Light Vulnerability in sunlight of any kind, even if obscured by heavy clouds or fog. The latter is merely an option for DMs who wish to challenge the individual Xeijherron with taking care against their own weaknesses. If the Albinism is treated as merely light sensitivity, it counts as an ordinary flaw and confers just one bonus feat. If the DM chooses to add light vulnerability, an additional bonus feat is granted.
  • Optional Flaw (Brittle Bone Disease): A Xeijherron that takes this flaw (from character creation only) is granted a bonus feat of their choice, so long as it does not involve resistance to broken bones or dislocations, or resistance to falling damage. Brittle Bone Disease is considered to give an effective -2 to all checks made to avoid falling damage, be they Jump or Tumble; and advanced cases (which, as above, count as an enhanced flaw, conferring an additional bonus feat) actually penalize the character with -2 points to their Constitution score.
  • -2 to Will saving throws to avoid Insanity affects, or against sanity checks.
  • +2 racial bonus to Balance and Climb. Those long arms are good for something.
  • Ultravision: Due to another odd trait ordinarily buried under generations of natural selection, Xeijherron possess neither ordinary dark nor low-light vision. Instead, their eyes are actually extra-sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. This comes as a double-edged sword to Albino Totems. This vision functions as a secondary vision, with the same limitations as vision in normal light conditions, but everything is in purple shades, ranging from nearly white if it is a large source of UV (The Sun, certain magicks, certain astral phenomena) to almost black (ordinary rock), with living creatures registering the absorption or reflection of UV, making them appear differently to a Xeijherron whose eyes shift into this spectrum. (Albino Xeijherron who use this ability suffer as though dazzled, with double the penalties, if used on the surface during the day to look beyond a shaded area outdoors)
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Kurron and Xei. Bonus Languages: See Rukaiin entry.
  • Favored Class: Fighter. The versatility of the fighter, though the Totem lacks the necessary strength to wield melee weapons as effectively as a Rukaiin, suits their chaotic nature. A multiclass Xeijherron’s fighter class does not count when determining whether they take an experience point penalty for multiclassing. (See PHB 3.5, pp 60)

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