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Please Note[edit]

Dance Styles for the Gemini Dancer: Includes lesser, improved, and greater in each. Any save DCs are equal to 10 + half the Gemini dancer's class level + her charisma modifier.

Whirl of the Wind, Lesser [Dance Style]:[edit]

Who says two on one is an unfair fight? It’s completely fair... for the victor


Gemini Dance, BAB +3, Jump 6 ranks


When dancing, a Gemini Dancer may move around the battlefield at the speed of the wind. During a dance, once per round, as a free action, a Gemini Dance may use an effect similar to Dimension Door, except the range is 20' + 5' per level and it does not provoke an attack of opportunity

Whirl of the Wind, Improved [Dance Style]:[edit]


Improved Gemini Dance, Whirl of the Wind(lesser)


When dancing, a Gemini Dancer gains a fly speed equal to her land speed with good maneuverability. She may dance while flying. She is also difficult to hold down, gaining a +4 bonus on checks to avoid being grappled

Whirl of the Wind, Greater [Dance Style]:[edit]


Greater Gemini Dance, Whirl of the Wind(improved)


When dancing in the air, a Gemini Dancer may take control of the winds. At will, she may create whirlwinds as an air elemental of a size depending on her level.

GD Level Elemental Size
12 Large
14 huge
16 Greater
18 Elder

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