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An Official D20 Girl from, so I do some cosplay, RP, and modeling. I'm also now considered a LARPer of Amtgard and have dabbled in the furfandom. I RP online and LOVE playing table top games like MTG, D&D, Werewolf, Deadlands, Paranoia, board/card games. Prefer PC games like Diablo2, Age of Mythology, etc to console but I do own one of the older model PS3's - she's my baby. So, I do play some PS1-3 games mostly RPG types since Im not very good with FPS. While I'm not playing, I really enjoy watching people play and at times, BEG friends to play so I can watch lol It's like a movie you sorta can control.

I love making new friends, hanging out, parties, going to conventions, watching movies/anime, being outdoors. Horseback riding, camping, fishing, hunting, etc. My facebook is listed below, don't hesitate in sending me a friend invite =)

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