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Work In Progress[edit]

Currently working on some magical items.

Worg The Ripper Level 8 {{{rarity}}}
An axe barbed with the teeth of slain creatures its sure to instill fear into the hearts of its foes.
Level 8 +8 7500 gp

Weapon: War Axe +2

Damage: 1d10+2 Attack roll: Proficiency(+2) Enchantment(+2)

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: 1d6 & Recharge all powers
♦ Attacks made with this weapon vs Humanoid creatures will suffer cause them to suffer -1 to attacks till the end of his next turn. Also while wielding this weapon you may-not declare attacks non-lethal.
Power (Martial) ♦ Encounter (Free Action)
Rend: Any successful attacks made with this weapon will also deal a ongoing 5 damage(save ends). If the target is currently taking 5 ongoing damage from rend when another successful attack is made, increase that damage to 10 ongoing damage. This power last until the end of the users next turn(ie; you may action point or take opportunity attacks and keep this effect as long as successful attacks are made before the end of your next turn)
Power (Fear) ♦ Daily (Free Action)
Bloody Mess: You must use declare the target of your next attack before using this skill. If with the called attack you put a enemy into "dying" then the target goes from dying to dead instantly spewing innards everywhere. Also any ally that was adjacent to the target is now dazed ~ save ends.
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