Tome of Flaws: Descriptions of Addictions, Flaws and Phobias U (3.5e Sourcebook)

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Un (Substance Addiction)

Description: This sticky brown paste is derived from the bones of the undead. It is ground into a paste while casting spells to capture any negative energy lingering in the undead creature.

Initial Effect: The user becomes cold to the touch and loses the ability to feel emotions for the next 2d4 hours.

Secondary Effect: The character has -1 to Initiative rolls.

Side Effects: After the drug wears off, the character has a 1% chance (accumulative over their lifetime) to become a Zombie after they die.

After death, the transformation into a Zombie takes 1d4 rounds.

Overdose: None.

Delivery: Eaten.

Addiction Rating: Low.

Price: 1 Copper for 10 doses.

Resistance DC: 30

Alchemy DC: 10

Uncontrollable Phasing (Flaw)

Prerequisite: You must exist as a physical form.

Description: You will, from time to time, randomly disappear from existence for a short period of time. You then, after a certain amount of time, phase back into existence with no memory of anything that had happened in the time of your disappearance.

Effect: While phased from existence, you can take no damage or be attacked, as you no longer exist, but you become Shaken for as many rounds as you became phased for from your experience being literally non-existent. This number of rounds is determined by the DM and can happen anytime at the DM's discretion.

Uncontrollable Spell Resistance (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Spell Resistance

Description: You have no control over your Spell Resistance

Effect: You cannot willingly forgo your spell resistance to allow a spell to affect you normally. Any spell cast upon you, including beneficial spells, must beat your SR before affecting you. As an example, if your party's cleric wants to cast cure light wounds on you, the cleric must beat your spell resistance before the spell takes effect. Note that this flaw does not allow you to apply your spell resistance to spells that would not normally allow it.

Unfavored Enemy (Flaw)

Description: Enemies gain bonuses against you!

Effect: Perhaps because of a curse, or maybe due to panicking at the sight of your foes, but certain enemy types just cause your guard to drop and allow others to attack you far better than others. Choose five types from the ranger favored enemy list (for this purpose, Humanoid and Outsiders are all one single entry each). When encountering these opponents, you take a -2 penalty on AC, opposed ability checks and skill checks, and take 2 additional points of damage for each attack against these opponents.

Opponents are aware of this, and often focus their attacks on you.

Unfocused (Flaw)

Description: You cannot concentrate on anything for too long.

Effect: You take a -4 penalty on any skill check that would take longer than 2 minutes to resolve. You can never take 20 on a skill check.

Unfocused Caster (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Caster level 1st.

Description: You sometimes botch up your spells.

Effect: You gain a 10% spell failure, which stacks from spell failure chances from armor and shields. This spell failure applies even if the spell is normally immune (such as divine spells, psionics, still spells, or spell-like abilities). You find it difficult to keep focus on your casting and lose it before it completes.

Special: You must maintain a caster level of at least 1/3rd your character level, or you lose the benefits of this feat.

Unhealing (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Must have a constitution score.

Description: You heal naturally very slow and even magic is only half as effective.

Effect: You heal half as many hit points from resting and magical healing. Additionally, any fast healing or regeneration has it recovery rate increases by a factor of ten (so fast healing 2 would allow you to recover one hit point every ten rounds), this include effect such as regrowing limbs and whatnot.

Unholy Bloodline (Flaw)

Description: Perhaps you were cursed or perhaps you share a bloodline with a foul creature like a vampire or a demon, in any case you suffer greatly whenever you encounter anything holy.

Effect: Your unholy bloodline gives you several really annoying weaknesses:

• Holy water burn you like acid.

• You take a -2 penalty on attacks rolls, saving throws and DCs while in an consecrated or hallowed area. Hallowed areas also count as being under the effect of antipathy for you.

• You take a -2 penalty to attack and AC against creatures carrying holy symbols (but not unholy symbols), if you are adjacent to one or more holy symbols at the start of your turn, you take 1 point of nonlethal damage per hit dice you have.

• Your reflection in mirrors appear distorted and weird to others. If you are under a magical disguise, polymorph effect or invisibility your reflection always show your real form.

• Ingesting a blessed meal (such as food created by divine magic of a good-aligned cleric, blessed by a minister of a non-evil deity or any food laced with holy water) cause you to become nauseated for 1 round and deal 1d6 point of nonlethal damage.

• You need to be invited to enter an inhabited home (you can always enter public places), the invitation need not to be genuine and only need to be from a creature currently in the house (not necessarily the owner).

• You have an evil aura as a evil cleric of your level.

Unlucky Friends (Flaw)

Description: Your friends always seem to have the worst of luck. They should all be happy that you’re around to assist them, as they suck so much.

Effect: Any friends or party members within 30 feet of you suffer from your presence.

They take a -2 or -10% to all rolls.

Additionally, whenever they fail a skill check it produces the opposite of the desired result, which may be detrimental to others or themselves.

Special: If you have this flaw you cannot take any Feat based around luck.

Unlucky Results (Flaw)

Description: You seem to always fall short at the worst possible moment, right when it matters most.

Effect: You can never benefit from a luck bonus. In addition, whenever a roll is made on a table for a result that would affect only you and is a subject of unforeseen circumstance (not direct actions, such as attacks or leaping over a hole), two rolls are made and the least desirable outcome is chosen. Examples might include finding treasure or triggering a single-use trap; but not for wandering monsters or other events that would certainly impact the whole party, and not for attacks made on your person or saving throws to resist effects, or skill checks made with knowledge of potential danger.

Unorganized (Flaw)

Description: Where did I put my keys?

Effect: Whenever you go to draw an item, you have a 50% chance of drawing out either nothing or small inconsequential items of no value by accident. In addition whenever you are making a Search check, the searching takes twice as long.

Unreactive (Flaw)

Description: You are slow to react to danger.

Effect: You take a –6 penalty on initiative checks.

Unready (Flaw)

Description: You are never ready for combat.

Effect: You are always flat-footed. You can never benefit from class features or feats that interact with flat-footedness, such as Uncanny Dodge.

Unskill Focus (Flaw)

Description: You're slightly worse at a few skills that you should be okay at. You make up for it with a Low feat.

Effect: Choose 4 usable untrained class skills (except Craft and Forgery) and apply a -3 penalty to each. If you don't have 4 usable untrained class skills, apply any remaining choices to usable untrained skills.

Special: Usable Untrained Skills: Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Diplomacy, Disguise, Escape Artist, Gather Information, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Ride, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival, Swim and Use Rope.

Unusually Formed Body (Flaw)

Prerequisite: Humanoid

Description: There are parts of your body that are different from most other humanoids.

Effect: Randomly roll two of the two body parts that unusually formed. You normally cannot wear magic items designed for unusually formed body parts and will find it difficult to find normal items to fit and will need to be specially made.

First you will roll on the Unusually Formed Body Part Chart and then determine the unusual form that it has on the Unusual Form Chart.

Unusual Body Part Chart

D20: Body Part

1: Head

2: Neck

3: Shoulders

4: Chest

5: Left Arm

6: Right Arm

7: Right Hand

8: Left Hand

9: Left Wrist

10: Right Wrist

11: Hands

12: Fingers

13: Thumbs

14: Waist

15: Hip

16: Right Leg

17: Left Leg

18: Right Foot

19: Left Foot

20: Toes

Unusual Form Chart

D6: Body Part 1: Larger (twice as large)

2: Larger (1/2 as large)

3: Twisted to the left

4: Twisted to the right

5: Flattened (1/2 normal size)

6: Smaller (1/2 normal size)

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