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The Voice[edit]

Druid Subclass

The Voice is one of twelve closely-guarded fighting styles, known as the Zodiac Of Pain. The Voice involves shapeshifting, trickery and divine magic, in addition to minor divination. Originally, the Zodiac Of Pain referred to twelve adventurers who used dark magic to slaughter the forces of darkness. They each founded thier own school of combat, and they each chose twelve others to lead thier school. The hierarchy of a Zodiac Of Pain school is twelve ranks, each containing twelve students who are sub-ranked within that rank. When a student feels ready, they can challenge the one from the rank above that corresponds to thier sub-rank to a duel. If the challenger wins, they swap places. If they lose, they decrease in the standings of thier rank. When a student is in the twelfth rank, they can challenge a master. If they win, they become a master too and the school searches for a new recruit. A student has twelve years to learn the ways of thier Zodiac Style and to become a master, and if they fail they are killed to keep the order a secret.

Zodiac Of Pain Induction

Starting at 2nd level, you gain a Zodiac Of Pain charge. You can use it to fuel your Zodiac Of Pain abilities. Your Zodiac Of Pain charges are refilled after you finish a long rest. At 10th level, you gain a second Zodiac Of Pain charge. At 15th level, you regain one after you finish a short rest. At 20th level, you gain a third Zodiac Of Pain charge.


Also at 2nd level, you can expend a Zodiac Of Pain charge to create two decoys of yourself. They can cast the same cantrips you can (but that is all they can do except move), but they have one-tenth of the hit points you do (rounded up), and thier AC is equal to your own + your Wisdom modifier. They cannot regain health. They have the same speeds you do.

Awakened Mind

At 6th level, you gain proficiency in three skills or tools of your choice when you finish a long rest. You can replace these skills with others when you finish a long rest.

Spacial Distortion

At 10th level, you can teleport up to 20 feet as a bonus action on your turn, or up to 40 feet as an action.

Improved Decoy

At 14th level, you summon four decoys instead of two when you use Decoy. Also, they gain 5 temporary hit points at the start of each of your turns. These temporary hit points can stack, to a maximum equal to your Wisdom score.

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