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While not necessarily Saints by the standards set aside in the Dungeons and Dragons supplement "The Book of Exalted Deeds", the three figures mentioned herein are nonetheless highly revered for their accomplishments within most of the cultures of Rukaea. Although most favor racial ties above deeds out of ignorance, there are those who pay homage to all of the saints. However, the Saints never appear before mortals, nor do they meddle in their affairs. It is rare, indeed, for contact to be made outside of the dubious influence of divine magic, when and if it exists in the campaign.

Divine Statistics are not provided for the Saints because they do not exercise the rule of Divine Rank as normal deities do.


In life, he was a great leader, uniting his people against a common threat. In immortality, he gives his people the confidence they need to make difficult decisions. Born from a Jherron father and a Xei mother, Achika-Kai carried a heavy burden. And not just the burden of his people's uneasy truce.

His Jherron father believed in the old traditions of naming, and unfortunately that meant giving his son one monster of a name... after all, a child such as this must have had a grand destiny. His father named him Yubrehktahryalnang'gyuraileikyuneh. He was of the Kossek clan of Jherron, which would later have been Rukaiin by marriage. In his adulthood, he took yet another monster of a name to boast his accomplishments... making his full name Ehknothraighenninanachikakainanshta Yubrehktahryalnang'gyuraileikyuneh Kossek. The most discernable translations of the two Jherron names runs as follows:

  • Birth Name: "Keeps death at bay by bringing balance."
  • Style Name: "Unmitigated wrath of the defending sword."

Altogether, his name could be thought to mean "Death awaits you by my blade, that I may hallow my people's lives and land."

Jherron names were quite more literal, but he always preferred to go by Achika-Kai, "Storm-runner". More often than not, he followed the examples set by his mother. Discipline of the mind often led him to pursue greater goals than that of mere physical accomplishments. For his people, he has endured many unspeakable tortures, though most of the time they would never know about them. By the time Achika-Kai was fifty, a relatively youthful age by Ygneaujkol standards, he formed a potent standing army to defend his people's lands against the combined forces of the Kaelaen and the Vaenar.

Should a Jherraczkol somehow gain Cleric levels, one worshipping Achika-Kai may select spells from the domains of Mind, Protection and War.

Ze Aen[edit]

While the mother of the Aen Brothers, who exercise literal divine authority and who are sometimes seen roaming the world, Ze Aen shares the ellusiveness of her compatriots. She is known as the Weeping Matron, a title she did not earn lightly. Being the youngest of the Aen family's royal line, the youngest of five, and the smallest of the three princesses, the odds of her ascending to the throne as Queen were not in her favor. But, as royalty wastes not its issue, plans had been made for her in advance.

At a tender age, she was apprenticed to an Alchemical Practicioner from the East, a disturbing man who went by the name of Gwynn... until they were beyond the lands of Rukaea, where his identity was revealed as Gwyoromiith Relein ine Vceorol. Ze Aen's stay in Gwynn's employ took a horrid turn toward imprisonment at first, and "experimental rape" at the latter stages. Gwynn seemed to take great pleasure in his genetic experiments, taking the essences of varying physical and mental attributes, combining them, and artificially inseminating the young princess. It was nearly seven year later that she had born her last of six "experiments". In a gesture of kindness, however shallow, the Alchemist allowed his prisoner to name the children. They were all half-brothers, so she could not by her culture give them all the same family name, nor could she favor the first more than the last by giving them her name. They, in turn, became the Aen brothers... and were immediately separated from their mother once the last was born when the Pendulum Masks found their way to his lab and began wreaking havok.

That would be the last poor Ze Aen, now a woman of age, would see of her children. No matter the circumstances of their birth, they were all now free... and she missed them just as any proper mother would miss their progeny.

Keng Aen[edit]

The Patriarch that sold his daughter into slavery, he

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