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Recent Changes[edit]

I have changed the wording and a lot of things that i found strange. The spellcasting feature was strange, so i adapted to a 1/3 spellcasting table, but keep the number of cantrips you chose to give the class (i didn't check for balance in this revision). When you gain spell slot, you shouldn't, most of times, gain class features, so i changed the level in which you gain some class features accordingly. I have standardized the levels you gain class features too, and brought the specialization to the 3rd level, to match most of the null casters and half casters out there. One more thing: this class should have its own spell list. Anastacio (talk) 00:08, 19 June 2020 (MDT)

I see one big issue with this class: The class features in their description and the class leveling table differ greatly on what levels you get what features and such. It just needs to be cleaned up as a whole but that's about it

Needed content[edit]

Firstly, I absolutely love the flavor of this class, but there are a few critical points missing. The spell casting doesn't specify a spell casting modifier. I would recommend charisma to keep in line with the deceptive nature of the class and the build recommendations in the quick build. Secondly, the hidden hand feature does not specify the action type to use the feature. I would recommend a bonus action for practicality sake, but that's your call. I would also recommend specifying tactical retreat as a reaction, unless we want the feature to be used every time the trickster takes damage in a round. Current wording allows the feature to be used multiple times per round. Double feint will need an action type as well, so will mocking technique an all of the actions for the tactical sub-types except um... Surprise! I would also like to see one more sub-type to keep things more in line with the three path options typical to classes. I'll be more than happy to help with edits, but this is your baby, you make the calls.

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