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Thank you for this. I feel like this should be the actual class itself, not a variant. It was what they intended it to be in the first place, I mean its the acctual class with an additional archtype which is my personal favorite. -Mr.IcedTea

WHOA WHOA WHOA! Outdated??? This class is completely up to the 5e standards, the magic matches up with the current spell list, the wonderous items that are from previous versions can be put in the frickin wonderous item list and the class is diverse and interesting. The class was designed by people from Wizards of the Coast as in IT WAS AN OFFICAL CLASS IN UNEARTHED ARCANA. So in fact this is the acctual Artificer class, and if the only reason that this class was deemed abandoned because there are multiple variants, then i call bull crap and state that there can be as many variants of a class as people want and again. THIS Artificer was the acctualy the first one, look it up, in fact here you go!

-Mr.IcedTea (I forgot to log on before but yes i did write this.)

Also looking at this compared to the unearthed arcana it does have the custom mechanist variant, and a 1 level diffrence in the time that they can learn spells.

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