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To understand Rokahnar, you must understand the divine as much as you can. For starters, these gods are not so much deities or gods as much as life forms beyond mortal understanding. These are called Elders of the Universe.

Over Powers:

Valkrath: Alignment: Neutral Good Symbol: White Staff Domains:Good, Knowledge, Ancestors, Magic, Charm, Fate, Truth

Portfolio: All things Exalted, Knowledge, Spirit

Description: Valkrath is the wisest of the Elders. He has all of the wisdom in all of the planes,and is the creator of the other Elders. He controls divine power, and may deny it to anyone, including other Elders. In addition to great divine power, he is renowned among the gods for his arcane power as well, but not as an Elder of Magic, but as simply a powerful magician. He knows how to utilize sorcery without the consent of Amontinel, the Elder of Magic. He ensures there are no threats to the Elders or the universe. He has battled entities powerful enough to cause supernovas as a side effect of them breathing, and there is no indication that Valkrath will ever be less powerful than he is now.

Empyron: Alignment: Lawful Good Symbol: A sword Domains: Law, Sun, Trade, Community, Plants, Harvest, Metal

Portfolio: The Sun, Stars, Agriculture, Wealth Description: Empyron is a powerful Elder capable of rearranging stars and suns, and is master of the harvest. The wealthy adore Empyron, the poor adore Empyron, and the Middle Class also adore Empyron. Empyron

Fanell: Alignment: Lawful Good Symbol: Warhammer Domains: Good, War, Magic, Fate, Truth

Portfolio: Order, Justice Description: Fanell is the Elder which is powered by the principles of Order and Justice. She alternates between Good and Evil once every several millions of years, although there is no known pattern to this. Fanell herself seems to be stringently the most opposed to Evil Chaos.

Chaos: Chaos, Trickery Alignment: Chaotic Neutral(Good tendencies) Symbol: An Axe, one side fire, and the other side icy Domains: Chaos, Nature, Destruction, Trickery, Magic

Description: A cozy adversary of Fanell, Chaos, like the other Over Powers, are beyond human comprehension. He alternates between good and evil, but with a wider spectrum than Fanell. He is sometimes known as the most beloved of the gods as deposers of tyrants and he elevates freedom as one of the highest ideals. He does, however, sometimes become evil, but as an Elder he is not able to be destroyed. Valkrath, the Elder of Good, never bothers to destroy him when he is evil, scholars indicate that this is perhaps because Chaos is too important to the universe.

Eliwyn: Alignment: Neutral Good Symbol: A White Rose Domains: Good, Animals, Plant, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water

Portfolio: Nature, Mercy Description: Mysterious blood son of Valkrath. Eliwyn is less prone to change than Chaos, but more prone to change than Fanell. Even when he alternates between good and evil he is prohibited from being particularily cruel by his own nature. The worst he can be is murderous, but he has never been prone to enjoy others suffering, and when he does become evil he simply does so to get the job done. Nevertheless, even when evil he has many good worshipers, and he is exalted among the druids as the creator of the plant and animal.

Alonos: Alignment: Chaotic Good Symbol: Golden Sun Domains: Good, Healing, Fertility, Charm, Magic, Protection, Sun

Portfolio: Life, Enchantment Description: Alonos means "light" in the greek, thus he has power over the stars, to a lesser extent than Empyron. He also has power over healing, fertility, birth, and white magic. He is the bane of undead, as much as Empyron, if not more. Alonos is known as an elder brother to Eliwyn, although Eliwyn was actually born chronologically before Alonos, a pre-existence of soul allowed Alonos to be some kind of spirit creature before he was actually created.

Taria: Alignment: Lawful Good Symbol: A butterfly Domains: Law, Repose, Charm, War, Combat, Strength, Craft

Portfolio: Death, War Description: Taria has a powerful bent towards Law, although like most of the Elders, he changes his alignment once every so billion years. She believes in necromancy, although technicaly, white magic that creates deathless are "necromancy" to her. She frowns only slightly on necromancers that raise dead to serve them as an aesthetic displeasure, as long as they only animate the body and leave the spirit alone. She is also goddess of war, capable of besting some Elders at equal footing, and other with ease.

Selaniel: Alignment: Lawful Neutral/Chaotic Good(explained beloe)(strong neutral good tendencies) Symbol: Blue staff Domains: Law, Chaos, Magic, Knowledge, Fate Portfolio: Fate, Time Description: Selaniel is a powerful master of time and magic. She comes from another plane, and was partially created as a foreign goddess. If something happens to her, then the Multiverse may be destroyed. As she is a goddess of Chaotic Good in the other universe, in this universe she was restrained by acting too much for fear of destroying all of reality. Thus, while she is in practice Lawful Neutral, she is more or less good. While manipulating chaotic energies she requires immense lawful nature in order not to become twisted against her will, and vice versa for order.

Amontinel: Alignment: Chaotic Good Symbol: A silver coin with two faces Domains: Good, Magic, Knowledge, Rune, Spell, Artifice, Charm

Portfolio: Magic, Arcane Knowledge Description: Amon is a master of incredible magics. He delves into immense magical energies and guards it. While being Chaotic Good, he has strong Neutral Good tendencies for his love for mortals. He encourages the overthrow of tyrants and the exaltation of the good.

Morwyn: Emotion, Love, Beauty Alignment: Neutral Good Symbol: Ruby Crown Domains: Good, Royalty, Family, Charm, Community, Fertility, Fire

Portfolio: Love, Emotions, Beauty Description: Morwyn exalts all love above anything else. She delights in doing good deeds, because she knows that when one does a good deed then good follows for people. In her dogma, good is the most important thing. Her Heaven is a magnificent paradise for romantic lovers and all kinds of followers. Her potential for Good is arguably rivaling that of Alonos and Fanell.

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