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Worship of Libern[edit]

The temples of Libern are quite common, outnumbering that of any other deity. While a large portion of Unica hates the floating city, many flock to pray as it passes overhead a major city. These worshippers call themselves “The Followers of the Light,” as they consider Libern to be the only hope for another tomorrow, as well as an object of worship.

This religion has a ritual, once a month, of ritually sacrificing a willing Follower to the city, as a way, they believe, to keep the city in the sky and a great evil from returning. Though the religion itself does not describe the great evil, many congregations describe it as the dragons, others describe it as the darkness, and yet others who describe it as the god-creatures that still roam the land.

There is normally one “Prophet” at any given time, the leader of the Grand Followers, those who actually follow the city on its course, sleeping on their undead mounts so they do not lose time. The Prophet gives messages from Libern to his worshippers

Clerics of Libern have the domains of Arcana, Death, Knowledge, Light, Tempest, and War

Worship of the God-Creatures[edit]

The Spell affected some of its more fortuitous victims of Unica by mutating them beyond recognition, as opposed of simply killing them. These creatures often became unaging, meaning they still roam Unica. These creatures, as another side effect of the Spell, serve as conduits of energy in the place of the gods. Their Followers unknowingly harness that energy, some using it to cast what seem to be originating from the divine

Specific God-Creatures[edit]

Irorr: A creature resembling a six-armed mutilated human corpse, Irorr channels blood. Everyone who takes damage takes twice the amount they would normally take (Domains: Death, War)

Binia: A creature resembling a harpy wearing the skull of a deer, Binia channels the skies. The nearby area is always in the midst of hurricane-like winds (Domains: Nature, Tempest)

Peros: A creature resembling a bipedal flaming lion, Peros channels fire. The nearby area is always scorching hot (Con Save DC: 19 vs 4d6, success halves) (Domains: Light, War)

Hygtar: A creature resembling a treant, Hygtar channels life. The nearby area is always blooming with plant life, which dies after it leaves (Domains: Life, Nature)

Ania: A creature resembling a miniature dragon in it’s true form, Ania channels illusions. The nearby area is abound with maddening images (Int Save DC: 19 vs 2d6 psychic) (Domains: Knowledge, Trickery)

Symir: A creature resembling a giant humanoid skeleton, Symir channels death. Everyone who enters the nearby area dies (Con Save DC: 15 vs death) (Domains: Death, Arcana)

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