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The Two Gods[edit]

Kadril, God of all things good

Hjaldan, God of all things Evil

Deities of the Races[edit]

Corellon Larethian, God of the Elves (Look in PHB for more information)

Garl Glittergold, God of the Gnomes (Look in PHB for more information)

Gruumsh, God of the Orcs (Look in PHB for more information)

Moradin, God of the Dwarves (Look in PHB for more information)

Yondalla, God of the Halflings (Look in PHB for more information)

Skerrit, God of the Centaur (MM)

Xiuhuruloki, God of Dragons

Lolth, Goddess of the Drow (MM)

Maglubiyet, God of the Goblins (MM)

Kurtulmak, God of the Kobolds (MM)

Blibdoolpoolp, Goddess of Kuo-Toa (MM)

Semuanya, God of the Lizardfolk (MM)

Eadro, God of Locathahs and Merfolk (MM)

Sekolah, God of the Sahuagin (MM)

Laogzed, God of the Troglodytes (mm)

Merrshaulk, God of the Yuan-ti (mm)

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