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the Kingdom of Taerdyn is an island-nation in the northwestern area of Ailsion, north of the main landmass which included fellow nations like the Kingdom of Peakshadow. It's home to an eclectic combination of people, and it's capital city if Stadth. Recently, a council of tribal delegates from The Wildlands joined the Kingdom, drastically increasing it's landsize and making it the dominant nation on it's island.

The Known World of Ailsion, showing the location of Taerdyn



The Wildlands[edit]

This vast frigid north has historically been controlled by small tribes. Recently, 11 of the 13 recognized tribes banded together and signed a treaty with Taerdyn, doubling the size of the country and creating an economic boom in the north.

Other Settlements[edit]

These are smaller but notable areas within the Kingdom.


The rebuilt and quickly growing Goldhearth was a former mining town now brought back to life thanks to the help of adventurers and it's status as the "Gateway to the North" now that The Wildlands joined the Kingdom. A major source of this came from a group of adventurers who called the dying town home, re-opening the mine and establishing several businesses and bringing about refugees from Drachen and other fallen places.

Seaside Harbor[edit]


Small farming town of about 200 people. Has been downsized since the bandit raid that claimed most of the men's lives. Goats and hardy vegetables such as Potatoes and Corn are their main trade goods, Lair nearby of Silver Dragon (status unknown).


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