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They're courageous...or naive. They love all that shines............ ohhh shiny!.... what was I saying? Kenders are notorious for getting into and out of trouble due to their child like minds.


Kender are completely and entirely innocent, and remain so throughout their lives. Due to this they are fearless. Allthough a Kender is immune to all types of fear, it should be noted that on more than one occassion, Kender have felt fear for individuals that they care for. So, while Kender are immune to fear for themselves, they may still fear the peril of others.


Kender are afflicted with Wanderlust in their teens, this lust makes it difficult, even stifling to be in one place for a very long time. They become overly curious, and find that they seek adventure more and more throughout their adolescence. This can be problematic, as their immunity to fear brings many young Kender into dangerous positions. One such example would be Teik Glittergold, a young rogue that found himself face to face with a red dragon, because the Kender wondered how large the dragon’s cave could be.

As a note, Wanderlust does not make Kender unintelligent, it just helps to remove inhibitions about completing dangerous, or otherwise unhealthy tasks, if it means that the Kender can explore, unearth, or find something new and different.

Kender usually grow out of the Wanderlust later in their lives, provided that they live that long.


Anyone who has holes in their pockets should be wary of the Kender. More often than not, if a Kender has a fond appreciation for something you own that is not strapped down, tied up, or locked away, they will “find it”. It is not uncommon at all for a Kender to have many pockets filled with the nick-nacks, and shiny baubles, that his party has “dropped.” If one were to realize that their key has come up missing, and is now in the Kender’s possession, the Kender will (usually) have no problem giving it back, and will exclaim something along the lines of, “I found that a couple miles back, I bet you are really glad that I saw it and picked it up for you.”

Kender are very curious and tend to "borrow" objects. The Kender possess a habit of finding things that have dropped into their pouches by accident, picking things up in the streets, finding "junk", and generally getting things that belong to other people. The Kender have enormous natural curiosity, a character trait which is also employed to provision the characters with both lock picking skills and a tendency to "listen in on other's conversations". In terms of moral considerations, Kender are described as not believing that there is anything wrong with handling, although this habit may be employed to get Kender in to deep trouble with the owner of an item. In addition, they do not tend to "find" things like money, gems, and the like, as they are depicted as having little concept of monetary value. Kender oppose actual thieving vehemently, and thus consider being called a thief a great insult to their dignity.

Physical Description[edit]

Kender are often mistaken for Children or Halflings, most don't care either way if they are. They have small statures, like halflings, but their eyes are bright and just slightly larger than their halfling cousins. They carry an air of innocence about them, and are often caught off guard as many are just as naive as they are energetic. Any that have been in range of young children who have had more than their fair share of sweets would find it hard to distinguish between them and a young Kender.


Kender are almost always overexcited and hyper, and are always on the verge of laughter. Although this makes way for excellent first impressions, a Kender's companions may find him irritating after a time.


Kender are usually chaotic good or neutral (though keep in mind that kenders view the world differently for instance a locked door isn't to keep out the kender him/her self but to keep away thieves so picking a storekeepers lock to have a look inside his store isn't illegal). The vast bulk of Kender are immune to even the mention of the word 'law', much less the aspect of being lawful, though it should be noted that, save for the extremely rare evil members of this race, Kender are too innocent to intentionally lie, and thus though obscenely rarely Lawful, most Kender are absolutely honest, save when in the thrall of a full blown taunt.


Kender travel constantly, and are thus rare as it is hard to find a mate when constantly on the move. Though every 30 years or so, for some unknown reason, the Kender from all across the land gather at a random location and throw a party that lasts for about 3 weeks. The party is not exclusive and all are welcome. When making their way to the party,Kender will often invite anyone that crosses their path. Every Kender arrives with stuff and things for the party, "found" along the way.


Kender prefer to pray to those gods who would bring them joy and laughter.


Kender speak gnomish and common, and may pick a number of bonus languages equal to their intelligence modifier.


First names are chosen as Halflings or gnomes. A Kender's last name is often chosen by them or their friends based on a daring adventure, amusing incident, or particular talent that led to a favorite story among other Kender. A Kender who had bad luck running into traps might be given the name "Trapspringer," for instance. A Kender who has yet to select such a name uses the name of their same-gender parent.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • Small: As a Small creature, a Kender gains a +1 size bonus to Armor Class, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, and a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but he uses smaller weapons than humans use, and his lifting and carrying limits are three-quarters of those of a Medium character.
  • Kender base land speed is 30 feet (unlike most Small humanoids), as they are used to keeping up with their (often annoyed) companions and running away from larger creatures (usually while laughing hysterically).
  • Kender are immune to Fear, both Magical and mundane. As a result, Kender cannot become Shaken, Frightened or Panicked, and are not affected normally by Intimidate checks. Kender usually find attempts to intimidate them amusing, and thus Intimidate checks can be treated as Diplomacy checks when dealing with Kender. While their immunity to Fear can keep them functional while others would be incapacitated, it can result in them not realizing the danger of some situations (though they are in no way suicidal).
  • +2 racial bonus on Sleight of Hand, +2 bonus on Spot checks, +2 Open lock and +4Hide checks due to be 'thieving little gits' by dint of nature. They aren't really, just curious with absolutely no concept of personal property, but it comes down to the same thing in the end. They still know better than to get caught. As these skills are inborn talents of the Kender, they are also considered class skills, no matter what class the Kender actually is.
  • -4 racial penalty on Concentration checks due to a Kender's inability to focus on anything for a great length of time.
  • Taunt: Taunting is one of the kender's basic skills. Their curiosity gives them interesting if shallow understanding of their enemies, and they can effectively use invective and sarcasm to enrage an opponent into recklessness. As standard action, the Kender can Taunt (Bluff Check vs. Will / Sense Motive, whichever’s higher) an enemy with a shared language within audible range. The taunted enemy attacks the Kender on its next round if there is no risk in doing so. If they fail by 5 or more, the enemy focusses only on killing the Kender in the most expedient way possible for 5 + Cha rounds or until calmed (full round action by the enemy's other party members to repeat save). Enemies are not enraged into mindlessness, and therefore will NOT walk into traps or trigger attacks of opportunity that they would not otherwise trigger. If the Kender cannot be effectively attacked, the enemy can take other actions. The DM can declare auto-success if the player comes up with a good enough insult.
  • Racial equipment: Kender always start off with a backpack, a Hoopak Staff, and a set of Kender Pouches.
    • A Hoopak is a double weapon formed from a length of stick the rough length of a small bo staff weighing approximately 4 pounds. It has a spear head on one end (1d6 Piercing damage, x3 Crit) and a forked end on the other which can function as either a staff weapon (1d4 Bludgeoning damage, x2 Crit) or as a staff sling (1d6 Bludgeoning damage, x2 Crit, 50ft range, move action to reload). In terms of categorization these weapons count as light weapons due to the Hoopak Staffs' small size and light weight for a double weapon. It can also be thrown like a spear (1d6 Piercing damage, x3 Crit, 25ft range). When rotated end over end about in a rapid fashion (a full round action on the Kender's first turn of combat), it makes an ear-splitting sound that is terrifying and, to anythign with sensitive ears, painful enough to either drive them away. Enemies with normal hearing must pass a DC (5 + Cha + ½ lv) Will save or be Shaken 1d4 rounds. If they pass the save by 5 or less, they are affected as if Taunted for 1d4 rounds. Creatures with sensitive hearing flee unless they pass a DC (10 + Cha + ½ lv) Will save. A Hoopak can also be used as a flute, providing a +2 bonus to Perform (Woodwind) checks made while playing it.
    • Kender, due to their wanderlust and nature, also use standard Medium sized pouches and backpacks rather than the small ones normally acquired by the Small races.
    • The Kender Pouch: This is a simple concept: Kender are kleptomaniacs, curious about EVERYTHING, and have no attention span. They are liable to pick up EVERYTHING in a city. This means that veritably anything could be found in a Kender's pockets. Kender can search their pouches, pockets and backpack for any named item that could conceivably fit, and add it to his inventory. They do so by performing a 1d100 Search check, the closer to 100, the closer to the intended item. A roll of over 100 fits the required purpose. High rolls (80 – 99) are helpful, but not perfect. Medium rolls (33 – 79) resemble the sought item, but are unhelpful, low rolls (1 – 33) are unhelpful, and in no way resemble the sought item. DM chooses what item is found, except on natural 100, when the exact item that was searched for is found (within logic and game rules, the DM can declare the item useless as neccessary). A Kender can't search for same item twice in a given situation, and needs a reason to search for it. Kender can also randomly pull out any small, near – worthless item at will (marble, feather, button, spoon, etc.). These objects cannot be sold, only discarded or returned to the nebulous void of the pouch. DM limits how many such items can be pulled out in a given time period. A set of Kender Pouches weighs typically about 5 pounds.
  • Automatic Languages: Common and Gnome. Bonus Languages: Any. Kender pick up new languages extremely fast, and can gain bonus languages equal to their Intelligence modifier. It takes roughly four weeks for a Kender to pick up a new language, and their new languages can include secret or forbidden languages: this allows them to learn to communicate with all manner of life, be it plant or animal or even rock or metal. Secret and Forbidden languages that are not a part of a Kender's class must be learned during gameplay with the DM's consent.
  • Kleptomania: Kender "borrow". It's just what they do. There's always a chance, no matter where they are, that something will go missing. This item is usually a small, shiny bauble, or something neat looking. But, occasionally, the "small, shiny bauble" turns out to be a jeweler's most expensive diamond ring, and that "neat looking stick" just happens to be a wizard's staff... currently gripped in the aforementioned wizard's hand. In any given town, assuming the Kender isn't turned away at the gate, there's a chance the Kender will "borrow" something valuable.
    • This occurs without willful action on the part of the Kender, or Sleight of Hand. This represents random objects that are absent- mindedly collected or “found.”
    • When travelling a significant distance through town, a 1d100 Search check that rolls 100 or higher “finds” a valuable item when travelling in a town. 75 or higher of finds a minimal value item. DM chooses exact items “found.” Regardless of the roll, the DM may list at least 3 other low-value items picked up (feathers, marbles, buttons, handkerchiefs, etc.). Such worthless items may not be sold, only discarded or put into the Kender Pouches.
    • When spending time in a shop, a 1d100 Search check that rolls 95 or higher “finds” a piece of valuable merchandise (unless they chain the kender, in which case, it’s DC100). 75 or higher of finds a minimal value item. DM chooses exact items “found.” Regardless of the roll, the DM may lists at least 3 other low-value items picked up (feathers, marbles, buttons, handkerchiefs, etc.). Such items may not be sold, only discarded or put into the Kender Pouches.
    • Spot check vs. Sleight of Hand upon “finding” any valuable item prevents it being “found,” -4 spot check if the Kender is chained (the observer is feeling secure, less watchful).
    • What may be defined as valuable is relative to level, and set by the DM. Kender will return any specific “found” items upon request from its owner, commenting like “you must have dropped this” or “you’re lucky I found it.” Kender may be stopped and searched by guards when leaving a town. Any item that could easily be traced back to an owner is confiscated. In areas familiar with Kender, no major legal action taken, as the items are returned, the Kender won’t be deterred anyway, he would likely just escape, and it’s morally difficult to punish such an innocent and child-like person.
    • Bluff check can convince guards that he’s actually a scrawny gnome or some such, preventing the search. As with Diplomacy checks, Kender are unlikely to attempt to deny their heritage of their own volition.
  • RP note: A Kender's Kleptomania ability is a way for a player to embody a Kender's tendency to "borrow" things without having to actively steal things, an act that Kender don't willfully perform. Even so, if anything in the town worth more than a few silver has gone missing in the last month, no matter how long the Kender has been in town, feel free to have the town constabulary stop and search any Kender in the party.
    • It's not uncommon for a town to have the guards at the gates stop Kender and empty their pouches, keeping anything the Kender doesn't recall picking up, r anything that was "found" or a "gift" from any source but family. It is common for Kender to leave town without items they have had for years. Common exceptions to the items confiscated are:
      • Cloths being actively worn by the Kender (no matter what size),
      • Any Small size clothes in the Kender's possession,
      • The Kender Hoopak staff which is 21gp to make. (nobody wants one, since only Kender know the secret to the Hoopak Whistle),
      • Pouches, though they will be searched for valuables, anything worth less than a couple of silver pieces will be left behind(even an old, manky boot could hold interest to a Kender... long enough to end up in on of their pouches, at least),
      • And anything special fitted to the Kender (specially made armor, pouch sets, knife sheaths, and similar for example.
      • Party members should encourage the Kender to get receipts for purchases, or risk expensive gear be confiscated.
    • An appropriately set Bluff check can, of course, convince even the most paranoid guard that the Kender is really a Gnome or a scrawny Halfling... but this bold faced lie should probably come from a non-Kender as Kender are very proud of their heritage.
    • On a side note, any party not containing a Paladin would do well to search their Kender well outside of the city walls. Any party containing a Paladin would do well to search their Kender just before leaving, as many towns will assume the word of anyone with a huge sword and really shiny armor is good. This will also save having to worry about your Kender losing his picks and daggers.
    • Also let it be know that, since a Kender will "borrow" anything, a party should expect to, as they are looking for something in their packs, spot the Kender examining the item in question curiously not ten feet away. Nor should the DM let the party go unmolested by a Kender with in their party. Daggers, keys, knives, or anything else small enough to fit into a pouch could at, any time, go missing. A random roll to see if the item someone is looking for is still there should be made at least every few items. An "unattended" weapon that the Kender is physically capable of picking up could go missing at night, if the Kender is on guard duty, though finding the Half-Orc barbarian's great axe should be a fairly simple matter... if not, then Thorg deserve no head splitter.
  • Kender Luck: Kender receive a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws. Due to their eternal optimism and inherent belief in the goodness of all people, kender manage to survive and thrive in a world that is often hostile to them.

Vital Statistics[edit]

Kender have the same Vital Statistics as Gnome. Though they have the same natural life span, Kender rarely reach their natural maximum age, often dying in middle age due to their high-risk lifestyle.

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