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A World in Iron[edit]

While there is a name for the earth out of which the planet is made, the various peoples did not give much thought to whether or not this world of theirs was a Gods-given gift, or something they would have to earn. During the apex of the bronze age of the Rukaiin, when iron was still quite rare, the Kossek-Conquering King Guareng Zhatal made this proclamation.

  • "We were birthed of silver and lead, but our muscles are as iron. My kindred, my sired sons, we find that in our struggle to maintain our lands, our own kind are not our greatest threat. To the South, the savages and the serpents of the forest. To the East, the desert assassins. To the West, the tower-builders that would steal the very stones from beneath our feet to feed their cities! But what of the North? That is our only shelter. And to the North is our demise, should we remain. Crops will not grow in frozen earth, and we'll soon run bare our supplies. We shall raise our brazen spears, my children, and take back what was once ours, what is rightfully ours! We shall take our enemies and seal them away in chains of purest iron and show them that none of their wills shall bend ours! We will tame this wild world, and make it our paradise... our lush garden."

Ages before then, and for several era after, several of the continents have been linked by land-bridges of varying accessibility. The Rukaiin have given names to all of the lands they have set foot upon, and have heard tales of the others. The locked-continents are Rukaea (Mother North) at the very center, Haibekt (Dead Land) to the East, where the Xei population congregate, J'Kol (Of Sand) is desert until the land-bridge is crossed, where it becomes lush and plentiful. To the South, the jungle island of Taizh (Garden) grows trees thousands of feet high, with a mile-high monster-of-a-tree at the center of it, and at the center of legends surrounding the origin of life.

There are only two continents not linked directly to Rukaea, and were at first only assailable by the Ghuvor races. To the Rukaiin, they are known as Vroehk (Wounding Arrow) and Jherreshnaln (Iron-crowned Steppes). They are not altogether unimportant, however, and adventures exist there for those stalwart enough to survive the journey.

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