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Degran's Red Blade: The blade and hilt of this longsword are made of dark red steel with an obsidian pommel. This sword has never been observed to glow, nor does it make any sounds when struck against objects. The hilt is wrapped in peculiar leather with a reptilian appearance. The sword it is believed to be of extraplanar origin, but its creator is unknown. Spells cast to determine its origin indicate a creator who could unite magic and psionics in a perfect blend to achieve effects beyond what a pure mage or psion can achieve. The first wielder may have been an ancient hero who mastered psionics himself and fought others who were masters of the art. The sword is not aligned with any known deity or religion, and may be found on any plane. It is rumored the sword may appear to any lawful good psionic character who faces powerful psionic evil foes, but this is unsubstantiated. The sword bestows one negative level on any nongood or nonlawful creature attempting to wield it (creatures neither lawful nor good gain two negative levels). The negative level remains as long as the weapon is in hand and disappears when the weapon is no longer wielded. This negative level never results in actual level loss, but it cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the weapon is wielded.

Degran’s Red Blade is a +1 coup de grace* lucky* parrying* longsword that can harm creatures with damage reduction as if it had a +5 enhancement bonus. Any creature that holds it hears in his mind “You bear Degran’s Red Blade.” The weapon does not otherwise communicate or show any evidence of intelligence, and research or magical or psionic study has not revealed who Degran is, whether the creator, the first bearer, or the deity it served.

*These are psionic weapon abilities.

Manifester Level: 18th; Prerequisites: Craft Psionic Arms and Armor, Deep Impact, combat precognition, fate of one, greater domination, greater magic weapon; Market Price: 200,315 gp; Cost to Create: 100,315 gp + 13,000 XP.

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