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The Gods are the beings who shape the world into what it is and what it will be. Equally as eclectic as their followers, the Ailsion pantheon is made up of ascended beings who defined and championed their own causes.

Origin of the Gods[edit]

The Story of Light[edit]

This story is true.

At the beginning of time, there was only light. From that light stepped Audobe, and in that act the Fields of Elysium were born. However peaceful and spacious it may have been, it was lonely. And in that loneliness, the first angels were created.

And all was well for a time. But then the angels began arguing among themselves. At first it was nothing, but it became violent. Before death could take hold, Audobe stepped in to figure out what needed to be done. He himself didn’t enjoy a constraining sense of rules and couldn’t bring himself to enforce them. So Aubode invested a portion of his divine self to forge Valmarian in the Sun’s heart. And thus, the god of Law was born.

The angels trembled in awe at his power, and with Aubode’s blessing, bore him gifts for his new position. They gifted him armor made from the finest metals and weapons forged with the stars themselves. Valmarian, shining his his new glory, was an effective and level judge. His first action was to codify behavior expected of the denizens of the heavens, along with punishments.

And all was well for a time. However, several angels began to appeal to Aubode that Valmarian, in his mindset, was much to literal and didn’t take into account the circumstances that led to infractions. They were distressed and began to worry what would happen to the heavens if left unchecked. Aubode, troubled by what he had wrought upon his creations, took leave to the River Oceanus. Standing in the river, he invested yet another portion of his divine power into the elements. When completed, he carried the newborn Aeiwyn the Protector to the shore to take her place among the three heavenly rulers.

For a time, all things were well. Like all creatures, the angels still had conflict, but with the heavenly hosts to mediate everything was peaceful. Until the shadows rose against them.

Aubode, radiating the light of the brightest star, bore no shadow. Yet when he spread the good that was his creation, it cast a shadow on existence. From that shadow rose Asmodeus, the King of darkness and pain. While the Heavens argued among themselves, Asmodeus gathered the souls abandoned or shunned from the Light’s grace and rose an army. In his jealousy, he wanted to claim the Heavens as his own. So snaking their way through the elemental planes, Asmodeus’s army launched their assault.

Asmodeus’s generals fought with a voracity unseen by the angels before. With the full force of their army unchecked, Elysium as ripe for the taking. The inhabitants that managed to avoid the initial slaughter retreated to the mountains, abandoning hope that their home would ever be the same.

It may have ended that way too, had the demons in the front not gotten greedy. But they took to the River and spilled into the Beastlands. Unfortunately for the demons, they were met with ferocious resistance from the animals that lived there. Led by a young woman named Deirdre, the demons were mercilessly pushed back into Elysium, where she continued her attack.

During this time, Ulfric Forgelight in the Elemental Nexus became aware of the transgressions on his territory. Stepping away from his forge for the first time in eons, he took his oldest and strongest golems and sealed off the gates to the Elemental Planes, before gathering what else he had created to punish the devils.

Finally, the tides turned and the Gods, now having the upper hand, began to slaughter the devils completely. In their desperation however, the devils decided to destroy everything believing that if they could not have the heavens then they would allow no one to. Aubode stepped in and offered a compromise. The devils would be allowed to retreat and live, in exchange for the safety of Elysium. In addition, the gates of all the planes were to be closed off from one another. Asmodeus agreed, provided that the Gods created a plane that would serve as a passing point between the different planes. After much deliberation among the heavenly host, they did concede to creating what would come to be known as the Material Plane, provided that Asmodeus and his ilk did not create any creatures to populate it.

It was agreed, and a new plane was forged. Ulfric sent his most beloved creations, the dwarves, to inhabit the mountains and mine for new minerals. The three Heavenly Rulers sent their own creations, the humans and halflings, to spread and cultivate the land. Deirdre created the various elves in her image, to spread among the trees and wilderness and make peace with nature. From Toago Cogbus came the gnomes. Every being that had not signed onto Asmodeus’s alliance was allowed to grow this new land, which has since flourished without hindrance.

The Deities of Light[edit]

Watches over lost souls and the accused.
She doesn't hold back justice, but it should fit the crime in her eyes. A blanket law, while good and necessary, is not appropriate in every case.
elf deity, does her own thing.
She looks after those who have no choice, and those that break the mold to express themselves. Deirdre seems lore likely, her domains are Nature, Animals, and Desire. (A made up one, combination of Charm and Destiny)

The Story of Dark[edit]

The Deities of Dark[edit]

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