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The Perils[edit]

It would be inaccurate to try to dub this plane "Heavenly". It is most certainly tranquil, but unlike the heavens normally associated with the D&D cosmology, it is quite inhospitable to mortals. In the fringes, players using no special means to travel the plane (such as an astral projection spell or Etherealness) will be subject to 2d6 energy damage per minute, negated by a successful DC 24 Fortitude save; and if they ever venture within a mile of Odh without these special precautions, they'll immediately suffer 6d6 energy damage + 4d6 force damage per minute, the only conceivable defense against which would be a superb amount of damage reduction or a lead-lined suit.

In addition, while not aggressive, the denizens of this plane add a cumulative +1d6 per Aieterkol within 30 feet, to a maximum of +8d6 energy damage, requiring a separate DC 24 Fortitude save to negate.

The Heirarchy[edit]

(The letters A-F are used in place of 10-15 because they are represented with one symbol in Xei and Jherron, after whose numeric system the Aieterkol are named)

  • 1. Odh, the Prime Number, the Null-Face and the Illuminated Overseer.
  • 2. Vo, the Monocchi, the Lightbreathers.
  • 3. Fai, Wearers of the Scowl, the Gardners.
  • 4. Ken, the Watchers.
  • 5. Djol, the Masked, Planejumpers.
  • 6. Nessje, the Blue-eyed.
  • 7. Kul, the Triune.
  • 8. Ern, Treegrins.
  • 9. Usju, the Whisperers, Animal Herders.
  • A. Alam, the Open Arms.
  • B. Ada, the Word-keepers.
  • C. Iriv, the Static Stars.
  • D. Zhai, the Red Specters.
  • E. Echte, the Evensouls.
  • F. Dolo, the Shimmerees.

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