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Zodiac Born[edit]

Creating a Zodiac Born Creature[edit]

The Zodiac Born template is an inherited template. It can be applied to humanoids, giants and monstrous humanoids, although DMs should feel free to apply it to other sentient creatures depending on the campaign setting. The only way to distinguish a Zodiac Born is by their Zodiac birth-mark. Zodiac Born creatures are blessed by the cosmic forces of nature and are either Clairvoyant or Psionic.

Size and Type[edit]

Size and type are unchanged.

Hit Dice[edit]

By character class, or as per racial hit dice.


Same as base creature

Armor Class[edit]

+2 insight bonus(only if clairvoyant)


As normal creature.

Full Attack[edit]

As normal creature.

Special Attacks[edit]

A Zodiac Born Creature gains a spell like ability depending on their sign.

Special Qualities[edit]

The Zodiac Born are marked with birth-marks resembling their Zodiac sign. These birth-marks will form slowly over time for those that grow into the template. The Zodiac Born also gain elemental resistance according to their sign.

  • Aries (Arians) - 10/Fire
  • Taurus (Taurians) - DR 15/-
  • Gemini (Geminians) -10/Electricity
  • Cancer (Cancerians) - 10/Acid
  • Leo (Leonans) - 15/Fire
  • Virgo (Virgoans) - DR 10/-
  • Libra (Librans) - 15/Electricity
  • Scorpio (Scorpioans)- 15/Acid
  • Sagittarius (Sagittarians) -5/fire
  • Capricorn (Capricorians - DR 5/-
  • Aquarius (Aquarians) - 15/Electricity
  • Pisces (Pisceans)- 5/Acid



+2 to any one skill Feat extra feat





Challenge Rating[edit]



As base creature or character




By HD or character class

Level Adjustment[edit]


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