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The White Guard is a loyal and well-trained servant of the Draconian Felinus. He fights with two others of his stature alongside the Savage Guardian.

White Guard[edit]

A White Guard has blindingly brilliant white armor made of ivory scales gleaned from the hide of his idol. It has the Draconian Felinus's symbol, a black cat's paw with the white silhouette of a roaring dragon's head.

White Guard
Level 1 Controller
Medium Draconic Humanoid (Cold)
XP 100
Initiative +1 Senses Perception+3
HP 30; Bloodied 15Hit Points 30
AC 17; Fortitude 15, Reflex 14, Will 16
Resist Cold 5; Vulnerable Fire 5
Speed 5 (Ice Walk)
Basicmelee.png Hammer
Effect: +5 vs. AC; 1d10+1 damage
Ranged.png Icy Slide
Effect: Ranged 5; +4 vs. Ref; 1d6+3 Cold damage and slide 2 squares
Close.png Icy Explosion
Effect: Close Burst 1; +4 vs. Ref; 3d6+3 Cold damage and push two squares

Effect: All squares in the attack range become icy terrain for three turns, or until hit by a fire attack

Icy Clarity
Effect: A White Guard gains a +2 to attack when he or his target is on ice
Skills Religion+5
Str 13 (+1) Dex 12 (+1) Wis 16 (+3)
Con 14 (+2) Int 10 (0) Cha 15 (+2)
Alignment Neutral Languages Common, Draconic
Equipment Warhammer, Ice Mail
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White Guard Tactics[edit]

White Guards use Icy Slide to shift creatures to and away from the Savage Guardian. They fight with their hammers at close range, only using Icy Explosion if needed to live or if surrounded. They stay on ice to use Icy Clarity.

White Guard Lore[edit]

A character knows the following information with a successful Religion check.

DC 12: White Guards protect the Savage Guardian.

DC 17: They can melt and shift ice to maneuver foes around an icy battlefield, and in emergencies can cause the ice under their feet to explode outwards.

DC 22: They worship a cat-dragon thing.

Encounter Groups[edit]

A Savage Guardian and his three White Guards.

Level 1 Encounter (XP 500)

  • 1 Savage Guardian (Level 1 Elite Brute)
  • 3 White Guard (Level 1 Controller)

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