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Varu: The Dark Creator[edit]

Level: Epic Binding DC: 35 Special requirement: Yes


In the creation of all,there existed two gods,Varu & Kanas, charged with creating the world we know. Kanas wanted to create a world of divine goodness in which there would be no suffering and all creatures would exist in harmony. Varu on the other hand thought there should be chaos in Kanas' lawful masterpiece. Therefore he bound Kanas in a black hole and created the mortal races, instilling chaos in the lawful world. The other gods exiled Varu afterwards to the farthest reaches of Shadowfell. There he resides in eternal despair waiting to see his creation once again...


All light in a radius of 100 feet dims gradually in the 1st round to complete darkness except for the outline of everything dimly glows and Varu emerges before the summoner out of a blackhole dimly lit.

Special summoning[edit]

Can only be summoned while standing fully in a shadow and there is a 33% chance that a creature from the Shadowfell will also be released,33% chance the party will be sucked into Shadowfell,or a 33% chance only Varu will be summoned.



Granted abilities[edit]

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