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Flavor Treasure

Name Market Price Weight CL Aura School
Alaria's Saddle Blanket
Coat Rack of Mending 1,000gp 8 1 Weak transmutation 2,000gp 8 1 Weak transmutation and abjuration 25,000gp 8 3 Weak transmutation and abjuration 2,000gp 8 3 Weak transmutation and abjuration
Comfy Chair 3,000 50 1 Weak enchantment
Dominel's Delightful Nozzles
Greater Coat Rack of Mending 12,000 gp 8 9 Moderate transmutation and conjuration
Magic Zippo 150gp 1/10 1 Weak Enchantment
Magical Widget
Pedestal of Reading
Smoke Globe 3,000 gp 1 1 Weak transmutation
Snappy Comeback Turtle
Soul Armor 50,000 gp 50 lbs. 16th Strong Conjuration; DC 23
Stone of Monster Summoning
Tree Of Chumps
Wine Rack of Perfect Storage
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