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Hello! I'm Uhnaneemoos, in case you couldn't tell from the title of this page... If you don't already get my name just say it enough times until it makes sense.

As DND goes I'm a fairly new player having done mostly DM'ing but will probably be starting up in a new campaign pretty soon as a player (located at the bottom if your interested). I started playing probably naught but 3 years ago and have only played sporadically, just now actually getting a good ongoing campaign in college this year. Having dabbled in both 4.0 and 3.5 I don't mind either terribly much (which is probably a result of being a newish player). As far as styles go, I'm open to and for everything! When I DM I tend to cater to the wishes of what kind of campaign the players want and when I play I just want the DM to create his or her own personal world of adventure for me to explore in any fashion. I've tried just hack and slashing through dungeons and castles as well as role-playing through cities. The only real problem that I have is I really like necromancy and the other darker magics so I usually end up in either an evil campaign or trying not to draw the attention of any terribly good characters. But that's fun too!

I see some people are really disliking of miniatures and board systems but I'm not too off on them. Sure they can really get in the way for just the role-playing elements but that's why I try to make sure my group only uses them in the heat of battle where knowing exactly what's going on is better and it's easier to keep track of stuff. We also don't bother with miniatures or tiles, we just use a dry erase board (made by printing out papers with squares on them then using packaging tape to laminate it), markers, and whatever happens to be laying around for pieces.

When DM'ing I like to combine elements of player and character knowledge. In battle, role-playing, and most of the campaign I stick to character knowledge. But when doing puzzles and riddles I like testing the player's themselves along with their characters. Ah the expressions on their faces when I show them a stop-watch counting down the ten minutes they have to solve the puzzle before the ceiling drops on them crushing the whole party.

When playing I like using some pretty descriptive language. Why say, "I intimidate the goblin," when you can say, "I soundlessly glide over to the goblin in my black robes and, with my skeletal right hand, take the scythe off of my back then hook it around his throat."? Other than that, I try to stick with what my character would do as much as possible. After all, what good Necromancer wouldn't be more interested in the graveyard than the bazaar?


I mostly like to take people's old ideas they either forgot to finish or just left unfinished and spruce them up although I may contribute a race or class of my own.


-Sandbender (3.5e Class) - In Progress

-Stormbender (3.5e Class) - Finished


-Bondo (3.5e Race) (editing only - did not create)



Variant Rules[edit]

-Technique Powers (3.5e Variant Rule)

-Technicians (3.5e Variant Rule)

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Working on balancing out the Bondo race to be a LA +0 race that players may find fun to play. As much feedback as possible would be appreciated. :D

Current Character[edit]

Name: Imakunee

Class: Dread Necromancer 8 (xp)

Race: Spellstitched Human Necropolitan

Gender: Male

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Deity: None

Age: 110

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 155 lbs

Eyes: White

Hair: White

Strength: 10 (base)

Dexterity: 14 (base)

Constitution: - (originally 8)

Intelligence: 12 (base)

Wisdom: 15 (base 10 + 1 (lvl 4) + 4 Periapt of Wisdom)

Charisma: 21 (base 18 + 1 (lvl 8) + 2 Cloak of Charisma)

Quests Completed: 0 (DM started us at 10 and we'll begin playing sometime in July)

Days Played (In Game): 0

Days Played (Real Life): 0

Class Features[edit]

Advanced Learning[edit]

  • Dark Symmetry
  • Puppet Dance

Hit Dice of Undead[edit]

Rod of Undead Mastery: Doubles undead controlled

Undead Mastery: Adds charisma modifier to the normal 4 per level

Result 2 * ((4 + Cha mod) * level) = HD undead controllable at one time

2 * ((4 + 5) * 8) = 144 HD undead controllable at one time



Climbing Skeletons


Nimble Bones (from Human bonus feat)

Mother Cyst (from the flaw: frail)


Done at 15 wisdom resulting in cost of: 1000 gp and 7500 xp

1st Level[edit]

  • Ghost Light 4/day
  • Ancient Wisdom 4/day

2nd Level[edit]

3rd Level[edit]

  • Clutch of Orcus 2/day
  • Greater Mage Armor 2/day

4th Level[edit]


Periapt of Wisdom +4 (16,000 gp)

Cloak of Charisma +2 (4,000 gp)

Rod of Undead Mastery (10,000 gp)

+1 Mundane Crystal Longsword of Spell Storing (4,315 gp)

2 Hat of Disguise (3,600 gp)

Robe of Corpses, Greater (6,900 gp)

Total: 42, 815 gp


Used the random character life-path variant rule to help craft the background for my character.

Place of Birth: Town (Medium sized town, part of a kingdom and usually on a map)

Childhood Environment: Apprenticed (Given over to a master to be apprenticed from an early age)

Family History: Institution (Raised at an institution, be it an orphanage, monastery or other)

Garb: Ninja (Loose fitting, dark clothing good for sneaking or comfort)

Hair: Long Hair (Past the shoulders, as long as you'd like)

Mark: Item (Any of a myriad of things that might be memorable such as a silver flute or an elaborate plumed hat)

Personal Treasure: None

Significant Events: 10 (as following)

  Personal Enlightenment: Charisma - You meet a very charismatic or powerful entertainer who teaches you the strength of assertiveness and charm
  Windfall: Someone owes you - Managed to be at the right place and at the right time and someone owes you
  Windfall: Travel - The opportunity arises to travel to far distant lands for 7 (1d12) months
  Made an Enemy: Gang or Tribe - You managed to step on the really wrong foot
     Military Connections: Someone that is part of a mercenary outfit or part of the guard
     Sore Loser: Defeated this person in combat or game/gamble
     Angry: Proximity to this individual leads to arguments, shouting, yelling
     Other to You: The other person has the strong feelings, not you
  Personal Enlightenment: Constitution - Training under a veteran or ex-mercenary, or time spent in harsh terrains, toughens you
  Tragedy: Accident - You have a serious accident that leaves you incapacitated for 1d12 months
  Tragedy: Imprisoned - Through crime or mistake, you end up imprisoned for 12 (1d12) months
  Tragedy: Financial Blow - You manage to lose all your gold/possessions
  Made an Enemy: Childhood Enemy - An old face you hoped you would never see again
     Military Connections: Someone that is part of a mercenary outfit or part of the guard
     Murdered: Convinced this person killed a friend/relative/lover
     Hot Murder: All bets are off and so are the gloves - if the two of you are in the same room, Thunderdome rules apply
     Mutual: You both feel strongly about each other
  Made a Friend: Like a Big Brother or Sister to You - Someone that is older and looks after you, fussing over you at times
     Powerful Individual - Someone who is a power unto himself, like a mage or a powerful priest


"What's so different between killing by disintegration and making their innards tear out their mouth? Both are effective paths to the same end."

"Well, I guess I'll go along with it. But only because we get to kill something along the way! Damned goodie-two-shoes."

Kunee has long, pure white hair and white, pupil-less eyes from the ritual of crucimigration. In reality wearing a Robe of Corpses, Kunee has used a hat of disguise to reshape his armor to his favorite outfit; a black, cloth trench-coat over black robes with a black wide-brim hat made of a material that doesn't obstruct view from below. He prefers the dark color in all his clothing so that any accidental bloodstains won't show too well. Can't upset the normal populace now can we?

Kunee's biggest reason to live is simply to become a powerful lich and find/create an extremely powerful abomination of his own design. As such, he seeks further knowledge in all aspects of necromancy and creative ways to stitch together corpses. He prefers his own elite guard to massive hordes of lesser undead, though, and is rarely seen grave picking unless completely out of bodies/bodyguards (which is rare considering his Robe of Corpses).

Always following Kunee around is his faithful bodyguard Reginald. Decked out in his full plate armor set (nice looking but not nice enough to draw attention of any kind) he uses a weapon Kunee had specially made, the Mundane Crystal Longsword, which Kunee has placed a ghoul touch spell. In reality, Reginald is the skeletal remains of a robber that had attacked him, been killed, and reanimated, disguised by Kunee's second hat of disguise.

As for Kunee's background, he grew up in his hometown of Bonil in the countryside of Serbia. Bonil is a small farming community that grows crops, mostly breads, and ships them off to nearby cities. Early on in his life though, around the age of 7, Kunee's affinity for magic showed when he chilled a glass of water with a mere touch. Soon after he was apprenticed to a wizard in a neighboring city.

While there, the wizard helped Kunee to sculpt some of his basic magics and teach him how to call up and control the natural energies within himself. The wizard himself, though, was an entertainer of sorts during peaceful times and thus also proved a potent teacher of how to win someone over with charm. His name was Zilld.

Kunee managed to help out one of a royal family's young men one day. The boy in question had snuck out of his house to go looking around the city at night. Some guards were looking for him and just before they found his hiding spot Kunee used a small prestidigitation to knock over a broom in the alley. It drew the attention of the guards away from the hiding noble child who managed his escape and a quick "I owe you one" to Kunee. Unfortunately, Kunee never learned the name of the boy but hopes that he will remember Kunee's deed.

Around the age of 18 Kunee got the chance to travel afar to a desert land and study their magic. Taking it with glee, Kunee was away from home for 7 months in this place. While there he saw many incredible things but found it curious that he was most interested in their burial rights and other traditions revolving around death. Mummification was particularly astounding.

After returning home, Kunee related his travels to Zilld and his friends. On the way to one such friend's house, Kunee, distracted by a book on mummification, accidentally knocked over a valuable vase that was sitting in the road. It broke before he even realized what he had done. Unfortunately, that vase belonged to the mother of Clay. Clay is a member of one of the city's most well known and vicious gangs that even had ties into the city guards. As a result, Kunee was pestered and harassed by various members of the group who seemed to be everywhere. Eventually it escalated to the point that Kunee had had enough, when they managed to break into his house and destroy an experiment, so he decided he would be leaving Serbia.

The traveling lead him to many a different town and city across the countryside. He did small jobs here and there to manage his money. He got a job helping with some farming in a far away city and used minor magics to assist with small tasks as well. Before long, though, Kunee returned to Bonil.

Seeing his old mentor again brought joy to Kunee's heart. Most of his old friends had moved out and Kunee made note of their new locations for future visits. Those that had remained all were visited immediately. He heard all the latest gossip and important events he missed over the years, including that Clay had moved up in life and become head of the guard. At the same time, though, Clay had moved down in life becoming a drunkard off-duty, and sometimes on duty, who would harass those he had even a slight issue with. And some of his guards had the same tendency.

Clay's best friend had some particularly violent tendencies. Blaze was known to advocate very strict retribution for crime, usually calling out the death penalty whenever possible. Blaze was loyal to Clay but also had been seen pushing the limits of Clay's control. One such eventful night led Kunee down the path he leads today.

Kunee had come late at night to see his mentor who had sent a magical distress call. Upon arrival he saw a frightening scene before him. His mentor and dear friend was held at sword point by Blaze with a grinning Clay in the background. The pungent smell of strong alcohol wafted through the air from a bottle in Clay's hand. They were accusing Zilld of having underground connections to dangerous gangs and the black market and they had proof. Blaze, obviously drunk as well, yelled over Kunee's pleas to calm down and invoked the death penalty, stabbing the innocent wizard through the heart.

Now, up to this point, Kunee had never been a powerful spell caster. Something had always been in the way of preventing Kunee's true abilities to show through. But this moment of heartbreak, agony, anger, and hatred sparked his powers which blew forth like a raging volcano. Before Kunee even realized what had happened, Blaze was on the floor gurgling blood from his mouth and pooling liquids from every orifice in his body. Clay was screaming in agony in the background clinging to his bleeding arm and face. Guards were on the scene post haste and Kunee was arrested.

All of Kunee's belongings and cash were taken by the guard and given to the city at the sentencing of Kunee's trial. He was placed in jail for life for the crime of murdering Blaze, assaulting the head of the guard, and falsely accused of murdering his late mentor. Each day in jail Kunee was beaten and abused by the guards, but Clay never came near him.

A year later, Kunee managed to escape with the help of another prisoner. The friendly prisoner had managed to escape from jail many times, as he was a rogue, and Kunee tagged along quietly.

Clay was less than jubilant to learn of this. Much of Kunee's spare time was spent trying to avoid Clay as Kunee slowly managed to escape from Serbia. In a rather close encounter, Clay managed to yell at Kunee that he'd hunt Kunee to the ends of the earth. Fortunately, Kunee hasn't seen him in years, though is determined to kill the bastard if he ever does.

After a year of gathering himself and recovering from the beatings of the dungeons, which had left him so frail, Kunee had moved far from Bondil. Now 30 years in age he is ready to evolve his new found powers as a Dread Necromancer. Moving far, far away, Kunee unearthed many of the latent powers within himself, forfeiting his previous, meager capabilities. He even found a death cult willing to perform the ritual of crucimigration. Kunee didn't even wince through the ritual, comparing it to only slightly less uncomfortable than the previous torture.

During his travels, Kunee met a most peculiar wizard. With an earring on each ear he was pretty joyful and "full of life" as one may put it. The earrings each shone brightly of the silver they were made from but what drew attention was the fact that they had small showings of electricity jump off of them occasionally. It was only later after traveling with him for a while (for they were headed in the same direction and it's best to travel in groups, as the wizard said) that he learned the wizard was half air-elemental. They became friends after fighting off three highway bandits and the wizard didn't seem to have too much of a problem with Kunee's necromantic spells.

After a few adventures, Kunee learned to imbue his dead flesh with magic and thus spellstitched some convenient spells to himself. Also, he found himself some hats of disguise that allowed him to hide his corpse-like state, letting him meld back into normal society. In the basement of his home Kunee practices his art, occasionally paying off the guard or two to keep his secret.

And that brings us to current date.

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