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  1. Metalinguist (3.5e Feat)
  2. Metaspell (3.5e Feat)
  3. Meticulous Moves (3.5e Feat)
  4. Mighty Hunter (3.5e Feat)
  5. Mimic Spell (3.5e Feat)
  6. Mimicry (3.5e Feat)
  7. Mind's Eye (3.5e Feat)
  8. Mind Leech (3.5e Feat)
  9. Mindless Effort (3.5e Feat)
  10. Mindspeak (3.5e Feat)
  11. Minor Spell Mastery (3.5e Feat)
  12. Mirror Mind (3.5e Feat)
  13. Missile Proof (3.5e Feat)
  14. Mixed Channeling (3.5e Feat)
  15. Monk Weapon Mastery (3.5e Feat)
  16. Monkey Grip (3.5e Tome Feat)
  17. Mounted Dodge (3.5e Feat)
  18. Mounted Overrun (3.5e Feat)
  19. Moves of Merriment (3.5e Feat)
  20. Natural Leader (3.5e Feat)
  21. Near and Far (3.5e Feat)
  22. Oaths of Iron (3.5e Feat)
  23. Observant (3.5e Feat)
  24. One Handed Crossbow Shot (3.5e Feat)
  25. One Spirit (3.5e Feat)
  26. Opportunity Counterspell (3.5e Feat)
  27. Opportunity Shot (3.5e Feat)
  28. Pack Attack (3.5e Feat)
  29. Pack Initiative (3.5e Feat)
  30. Pack Mule (3.5e Feat)
  31. Pain Is My Friend (3.5e Feat)
  32. Palms of the Healer (3.5e Feat)
  33. Parched Path (3.5e Feat)
  34. Path of the Inevitables (3.5e Feat)
  35. Pegasus Mount (3.5e Feat)
  36. Penetrating Ki Strike (3.5e Feat)
  37. Perceptive Duelist (3.5e Feat)
  38. Perfect Dwarven Suplex (3.5e Feat)
  39. Perfect Senses (3.5e Feat)
  40. Perfect moment (3.5e Feat)
  41. Periodic Re-Awakening (3.5e Feat)
  42. Perplexing Promenade (3.5e Feat)
  43. Personal Technique (3.5e Feat)
  44. Personalized Technique (3.5e Feat)
  45. Perspicacity (3.5e Feat)
  46. Phalanx Combat (3.5e Feat)
  47. Pierce Armor (3.5e Feat)
  48. Piercing Hex (3.5e Feat)
  49. Pin Weapon (3.5e Feat)
  50. Pinpoint Shot (3.5e Feat)
  51. Plague of Arrows (3.5e Feat)
  52. Platinum Suggestion (3.5e Feat)
  53. Poison Resistance (3.5e Feat)
  54. Poison Tolerance (3.5e Feat)
  55. Poison Use (3.5e Feat)
  56. Polar Bear Skin (3.5e Feat)
  57. Pole Fighting (3.5e Feat)
  58. Pole Vaulting (3.5e Feat)
  59. Port Savvy (3.5e Feat)
  60. Potent Divination (3.5e Feat)
  61. Potent Memory (3.5e Feat)
  62. Pouncing Kitty (3.5e Feat)
  63. Power Double Weapon (3.5e Feat)
  64. Power Mastery (3.5e Feat)
  65. Power Psicrystal (3.5e Feat)
  66. Power Resistance: Clairsentience And Telepathy (3.5e Feat)
  67. Power Resting (3.5e Feat)
  68. Power Shot (3.5e Feat)
  69. Power of Command (3.5e Feat)
  70. Powercast (3.5e Feat)
  71. Powerful Voice (3.5e Feat)
  72. Powerless Spell (3.5e Feat)
  73. Powerturn (3.5e Feat)
  74. Practice Makes Perfect (3.5e Feat)
  75. Practiced Combatant (3.5e Feat)
  76. Practiced Feint (3.5e Feat)
  77. Practiced Turning (3.5e Feat)
  78. Prance of Perfection (3.5e Feat)
  79. Precognition (3.5e Feat)
  80. Preserve Scroll (3.5e Feat)
  81. Primeval Alchemy (3.5e Feat)
  82. Primeval Conversion (3.5e Feat)
  83. Primeval Power (3.5e Feat)
  84. Primeval Rage (3.5e Feat)
  85. Primordial (3.5e Feat)
  86. Prismatic Energy Spell (3.5e Feat)
  87. Profane Death Blow (3.5e Feat)
  88. Profane Ghoul Strike (3.5e Feat)
  89. Profane Shadow Strike (3.5e Feat)
  90. Profane Shadowspawn (3.5e Feat)
  91. Profane Wight Strike (3.5e Feat)
  92. Profane Wightspawn (3.5e Feat)
  93. Profane Wraith Strike (3.5e Feat)
  94. Profane Wraithspawn (3.5e Feat)
  95. Professional (3.5e Feat)
  96. Prone-Fight (3.5e Feat)
  97. Prone Combat (3.5e Feat)
  98. Prophecy (3.5e Feat)
  99. Prophetic Dreamer (3.5e Feat)
  100. Psionic Combat Focus (3.5e Feat)
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