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Silver Dragon1[edit]

Well Hello whoever is reading you can just call me Silver or S-Dragon. If you need to talk to me just go to my talk page Here

My thoughts have been clouded for a year or two now, so this site helps me clear my thoughts at times (certain creations).


The characters I were using were removed because the campaign for each were scrapped but I hope to start another campaign soon.


I like to invent new characters, new weapons, new items, and ect... so if you think you can help with that post the ideas on the ideas section of my talk page. I'm always looking for new idea's if I need some. Also, I might invent a creation just to clear my thoughts, and if you would like me to specify which ones which let me know. here are some of my creations:

Scytheguard Click Here. 3.5e Class

Priest of Anubis Click Here. 3.5e Class

Nine Tail Whip Click Here. Weapon

Egyptian Dragon Click Here. Race

Blood Fever Click Here. Disease


Flaw Resistance Click Here 3.5e Feat

Shadow Fiend Click Here 3.5e Race

Soul for a Soul Click Here 3.5e Variant Rule

Pyro Dragonoid Click Here 3.5e Race

Frost Dragonoid Click Here 3.5e Race

edits on my creations[edit]

If you think spelling or Game mechanics of something are wrong feel free to edit it, if anything else please ask 1st( I don't mind but please ask 1st.

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