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1. A type of fungus, commonly found in dark spaces such as closets.

2. A highly irriating contributer to, who can usually be found in the Tavern, spouting off about penises and shadowcasters.

My Stuff[edit]

Drawing Board[edit]

User:Risek/Sandbox User:Risek/Sandbox/Faltharis

Soldier of Shadow:

While most warblades may drill themselves in combat constantly, there are a few who prefer to stay within the darkness, using the shadows to guide their blades.

Class: Warblade

Level: 1st

Replaces: Proficiency with medium armor, Access to two disciplines (chosen when this class feature is selected)

Benefits: Add Hide and Move Silently to your list of class skills. You may now learn stances and maneuvers from the Shadow Hand discipline.


Blood Magus Feats[edit]

These are feats for the Blood Magus prestige class from Complete Arcane.

Material Feats[edit]

My collection of feats that focus on enhancing a characters ability to use certain materials.

Monstrous Feats[edit]

My feats that require an odd ability such as natural weapons or spell-like abilities.

Plushie Feats[edit]

My list of feats I created for Eiji's Eijilund Plushie race.

Other Feats[edit]



Nightcrier: A llathrana class

Racial Substitution Levels[edit]

Shadowcaster (Plushie Substitution Level)

Prestige Classes[edit]

Combat-Focused Prestige Classes[edit]

Warlock Prestige Classes[edit]

Shadowcaster Prestige Classes[edit]






Other Stuff[edit]

Adopted Content[edit]

To be added soon:[edit]

Prestige Classes:

Gunsmith (A gunslinger class for campaigns where guns are rare)


Plushie Warlock substitution levels.

Plushie Scout substitution levels.

Gysr'lyl'yl (A variant elven storm warlock)

Skrae'os (A dual-wielding pseudopsychic earth warrior)

Ilessila (Sunchanneler, a variant warlock who uses sunlight)


Plushie MetaBoom feats.

More Blood Magus feats.

New Warforged components:

Detachable Limbs: Melee attacks with a detachable limb are considered ranged with a range of 10-30 ft. For more gold you can get a chain and winch built in to retrieve it.

Oil/Potion Injector: Stores up to ten potions or oils inside you, you can use them as a free action and it Maximizes them.

Positive Energy Regulator: Grants you the full benefits of healing spells and protects you from the effects of positive energy planes.

Sanguine Core: Grants you a magical blood substitute, makes you vulnerable to bleeding but lets you qualify for Blood Magus and other blood-based effects.

Internal weapons: as Spellborg (3.5e Template).

I have tons of other stuff that I'll add eventually: more feats, NPCs, spells, invocations, new skill uses, my list of called shots, etc.

My monster feeders[edit]

Here's my list of past and current characters:

Expanded Alignments
Exalted Good Moral Neutral Immoral Evil Vile
Axiomatic Bloodsteel (R), Ah'Dask Nx'ltih'sk'sk
Lawful Lion (D) Thil'is (D), Tzoch'in
Orderly Risek Celedae (D), Velsken (R) Ghr'aes'tis
Neutral Feanturi (R)
Disorderly Rial (R)
Chaotic Allaidon (R)
Anarchic Saelnasin (D) Maar'en (R)

Rial Torentaal: A drow ninja/fighter/shadowblade. An ex-assassin who retired to take care of his many halfbreed spawn.

Feanturi: A ghostwise halfling barbarian/totemist/totemrager. A little guy with a Strength of 25; known for tooting his legacy horn.

Bloodsteel: A warforged soulblade/ forgotten realms...

Lion: A half-ogre scout. Lasted all of ten minutes before getting eaten by a troll.

Allaidon A Halruuan human sorceror/blood magus. Wanted to be a magehound....became a magewolf.

Risek Seretheron: A sun elf Wizard/rogue/daggerspell mage. Darkness, Darkness, BOOM!! fireball.

Celedae A sun elf psychic warrior/scout/elocater. A semipsychotic pointy eared master of movement. I gotta add his build.

Maar'en: A draegloth. Has a fondness for spiders that is unlike other drow.

Saelnasin: A raptoran Fighter/Warblade. One hit kill.

Nx'ltih'sk'sk: Dryx'alin human soulknife/swordsage.

Thil'is: A half-draegloth warblade. Demonic.

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