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hello there to anyone reading this my name is Alucard and before you ask yes it is Dracula spelled(get it) backwards a little bit about me is that i fell in love with D&D my freshman year of highschool and it is all i ever loved since then.But dont get me wrong i also love anime and manga and video games of all kinds except two worlds that game was a waste of money.and thats basically it.

My Classes[edit]

This is my first class i wanted to make a a person who is the ideal of a dragon and have dominion over every like a king with his very own empire.i was inspired by a Azernath (talk) to make this class because it showed the true meaning of power and control .but this one is mine Dominion Overlord (5e Class)

Vampyre (5e Class)is my second class i made its a bit of a combination of Alucard from Hellsing and Dracula from Castlevania with a little bit of the vampire lord from Skyrim. It was mostly about do you want to kill or protect the innocents and how big is your castle going to be.

My Worlds[edit]

Vanchilia(5e Campaign Setting) is my first world i basally took the Orizon and made it my own just making it into a different setting.

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