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Maritime Background[edit]

Characters with maritime backgrounds indulge in the same passions as everyone else- war, trade, and larceny- but they do it with a ship's deck beneath their feet (unless they've been shipwrecked, which is one possible activity in this background).

A character's time spent on the high seas provide a bonus on recognition checks; each time the maritime background is selected for this character, the bonus is increased by 1.

Example Maritime Ranks[edit]

Every navy has its own ranking system, and few ships are at exactly their full complement of crew. The following system of ranks is a good starting point for most campaigns.

Maritime Ranks (Lowest to Highest): Ordinary hand, able hand, leading hand, petty officer, chief petty officer, sublieutenant, lieutenant, lieutenant commander, commander, captain, commodore, admiral, grand admiral.

Maritime Background Activities
d% Activity Class Feats Skills Gear Contacts Rep Recognition
01-12 Pirate Rogue Dodge, Mobility Balance, Jump, Tumble,Bluff, Swim Weapon Information +1/2 Rank, DC 22
13-24 Military Navy Fighter Leadership, Weapon Focus Profession (sailor), Swim, Use Rope Weapon Influence +1/2 Rank, DC 24
25-34 Sea trader Rogue or bard Negotiator, Deft Hands Appraise, Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Swim, Profession (sailor) Wondrous item that aids interaction Skill +0 Rank, DC 26
35-44 Ship's Marine Fighter Power Attack, Improved Sunder Swim Climb, Jump Light armor Skill +0 Rank, DC 26
45-52 Stowaway Rogue Stealthy, Deceitful Swim, Hide, Move Silently, Disguise, Bluff Item that aids stealth Influence +0 -
53-62 Shipwrecked Barbarian Track, Self-Sufficient Swim, Survival, Craft (any), Spot, Listen Simple weapon or hand-crafted item Skill +0 -
63-72 Deckhand Rogue or fighter Dodge, Weapon Focus Swim, Use Rope, Profession (sailor), Climb, Jump Weapon Information +0 Rank, DC 26
73-82 Navigator Bard or wizard Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Transmutation) Profession (sailor), Decipher Script, Knowledge (geography), Spellcraft, Swim Scrolls Skill +0 Rank, DC 24
83-90 Wind-bringer Druid or sorcerer Spell Focus (Transmutation), Spell Focus (Conjuration) Spellcraft, Concentration, Knowledge (geography), Swim, Profession (sailor) Item that affects weather or wind Information +0 Rank, DC 24
91-100 Chaplain Cleric Any metamagic Heal, Swim, Profession (sailor) Item that heals or cures Information +0 Rank, DC 24

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