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Government Background

This set of background activities includes jobs performed for those who work for the a city, provinvial, or national government- other than those in the army or navy, who are covered under the military and maritime backgrounds described below.

Most of the recognition associated with a government background comes in the form of increases in rank (whether military or civilian in nature).

Each activity in this background is associated with a particular skill- the one mentioned first in the entry's Skills column. A character's ranks in that skill provide a bonus on recognition checks.

Government Background Activities
d% Activity Class Feats Skills Gear Contacts Rep Recognition
01-12 Administrator Bard or rogue Leadership, Investigator Knowledge (local), Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sense Motive, Knowledge (history) Item that provides protection Influence +1/2 Rank, DC 26
13-25 Spy Rogue Stealthy, Deceitful Disguise, Gather Information, Hide, Move Silently, Forgery Item with illusion aura Information +0 -
26-37 Diplomat Bard Negotiator, Persuasive Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Bluff, Intimidate, Knowledge (local) Item that aids interaction Influence +1/2 Rank, DC 28
38-50 City watch Fighter Alertness, Power Attack Knowledge (local), Sense Motive, Jump Weapon Influence +1/2 Rank, DC 28
51-63 Arcane advisor Wizard or Sorcerer Any item creation Knowledge (arcana), Spellcraft, Knowledge (local) Scrolls and spells in spellbook Information +0 Society, DC 26
64-75 Honor Guard Fighter or Paladin Combat Expertise, Weapon Focus Knowledge (history), Intimidate, Ride Armor Skill +1 Rank, DC 26
76-88 Sheriff Ranger Alertness, Weapon Focus Knowledge (local), Ride, Sense Motive, Survival, Intimidate Weapon Influence +1/2 Rank, DC 28
89-100 Theocrat Cleric Persuasive, Investigator Knowledge (local), Spellcraft, Knowledge (religion) Wand or staff Influence +1/2 Rank, DC 28

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